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▷ 🥇 The bride’s bolero

The bolero is an essential accessory if you are getting married in the middle of the season, and especially if you have decided to marry abroad. Why? Why?

It is very simple. The bolero, without completely covering the top of your dress, will cover your shoulders in the most elegant way possible. So it is a perfect balance between the stole and the long sleeve dress.

There are different types of boleros. Also, if you are tempted by this accessory, you should know that you can find models adapted to your style such as:

  • Lace boleros for a retro or vintage look. Ideal for romantic brides who love refined materials. In fact, lace worn as close to your body as possible will dress you like a jewel.

  • Made of cotton for green brides. These boleros will also be warmer and therefore more suitable for the colder months of spring, March and April.

  • Colorful boleros. In case you want a more colorful wedding, or if you want to combine it with your lover’s tie.

In any case, if what you are looking for is an ideal complement to keep warm, the bolero is in fashion and it is definitely worth taking it into account.

Photo 1: Happiness jewelry

Photo 2: Rosa Clarà

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