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The dos and donts at the wedding
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▷ 🥇 The dos and don’ts at the wedding

The perfect wedding toast is short but not too short, energetic, fun, and a little sentimental. When writing your speech, stick to the rules of etiquette and avoid common mistakes.

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Introduce yourself and speak to everyone present

This is one of the most important rules of etiquette for wedding speeches. You should also make eye contact with the audience and thank the hosts for organizing such a special event.

DO NOT tell embarrassing stories

Incorporating anecdotes from the past into the maid of honor and best man speech is common, but it is a slippery slope because you have a very wide audience. Avoid mentioning any drunken memory or anything that may embarrass your friend.

Make your speech short

Brevity is the key to a good wedding speech, so make sure your speech lasts up to 6 minutes. It’s supposed to be entertaining, so anything longer than that will be too long and you’ll start to lose your audience.

DO NOT mention ex-classmates or one night stands

This is considered a serious mistake and the bride and groom may be offended by your words. Even if it’s a really good joke or you just want to make it clear that the bride and groom are made for each other, it is still considered inappropriate. So choose your words carefully.

Be yourself

If you are shy by nature, then you don’t have to try to be funny and outgoing. And if you are witty, don’t try to be too serious in your wedding speech because everyone expects you to make them laugh. Speak from the heart and the bride and groom will thank you.

Don’t make the speech about you

Remember that you are toasting the bride and groom, so if you have your own news to announce, don’t think that someone else’s wedding is the opportunity to do so just because you have the audience.

Mention the bride and groom so much in your speech

This is another important rule of wedding etiquette that you should not forget when writing your speech. Even if you don’t know one of them very well, be sure to address both of them in at least one sentence.

DO NOT make jokes about marriage

Maybe you don’t appreciate the institution of marriage or maybe you have a witty critical comment that you would like to add to your speech to make it more fun, but this is simply not an appropriate thing to do at someone’s wedding.

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