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The Engagement Edit QA with Kari from Sophisticated Whimsy
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▷ 🥇 The Engagement Edit: Q&A with Kari from Sophisticated Whimsy

Photo: An extraordinary affair

Kari Kriewald, our next girlfriend in the Engagement Edit series is a native of Texas and adds a touch of sophisticated whim wherever she goes! With her wedding just around the corner, Kari gave us the inside scoop on her wedding planning process, from her engagement in Napa to her detail day.

Name: Kari Kriewald

Blog: Sophisticated whim

Location: Dallas, texas

Wedding’s date: October 8, 2016

WW: Congratulations Kari! Your big day is almost here! What’s been the most exciting thing about wedding planning so far?

KK: Oh my gosh, thank you very much! To be completely honest, I have enjoyed every second of the planning process. Seeing my vision come true has been so rewarding and exciting! Call me crazy, but my Type A personality has never been so happy …

Aside from choosing the perfect wedding venue and decor, I’ve especially loved focusing on the smaller elements of the wedding day that can be easily overlooked. For example, personalized hotel room deliveries for out-of-town guests, gifts to bring to the wedding and party, and delicious treats that will last throughout the night.

Ensuring that all details, both large and small, are taken care of is imperative throughout the entire wedding planning process. Because after all, I want everyone to feel special today, not just me and Braden.

WW: You had the most perfect engagement in the Napa wine country. Can you tell your fiancé Braden about your #JustSaidYes moment?

KK: Well of course I would love to! First of all, big congratulations to Braden for planning an absolutely extraordinary engagement that I will remember and cherish forever …

After spending a few days together in San Francisco, we made the short trip to Napa to enjoy our last days of vacation in the wine country. The day started in San Francisco with our usual coffee and breakfast run before hitting the road. Braden was in a good mood driving north to Napa – singing at the top of his lungs, playing guitar in the air, grinning from ear to ear, whatever, he was doing it …

Little did I know that this great mood of his was because it was THE day he was going to propose. Braden had been secretly planning this so-called “spontaneous” vacation for us for three months and we were on our way to make our appointment for the Kunde Vineyards wine tour at 11:00 am sharp. Once we reached the winery, we were greeted by our guide and in no time we began the excursion to the vineyards. After some tastings in the winery, we boarded the bus and began to climb through the vineyard to a mountain with breathtaking views. Naturally, we started taking photos of the landscape and enjoying the perfect 75 degree weather with wine in hand.

After taking a few photos, Braden walked me to the side of the mountain with the most beautiful panoramic view, knelt down and asked me the question. Of course, I did not hesitate to immediately say YES to the man of my dreams!

To top it all, Braden had hired a secret photographer to take the entire proposal and take the most perfect photos that we will always cherish. The rest of the day was spent celebrating together with delicious food and wine and it was perhaps the most magical day I could have dreamed of.

Photo: Kari Kriewald

WW: You have a full time job in social media as well as blogging, how will platforms like Instagram and Snapchat play on your big day?

KK: It’s no secret that I love social media – I create content from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and then come home to create content for Sophisticated Whimsy . It’s hard to call it “work” when you enjoy it so much!

On our big day, I plan to be as present as possible. With that said, I know I’ll be chatting with my bridesmaids as we prepare using our custom wedding geo-filter, but I don’t plan on revealing any wedding photos on social media until after the event is over. Since this day is so special to Braden and me, I want to enjoy every second of it by being fully present in the moment. But after…. You better get ready for the wedding photo overload!

WW: Have any wedding planning tools on WeddingWire been especially helpful to you?

KK: The Hashtag generator was one of my first WeddingWire tools! Braden’s last name is “Bliss” and while I’m so excited to inherit his last name, finding an original hashtag was exceptionally difficult. After hundreds of ideas, #karifoundbliss and #misstobliss were the winners!

I’m also in the final stages of perfecting our seat plan, so the Seat Plan Tool has been my best friend for the last two weeks! So grateful for these free tools.

WW: Did you find any of your vendors on WeddingWire? If so, which ones?

KK: Before getting engaged, Braden and I had already talked about a specific place where we would love to get married. It was so charming and encompassed everything we wanted in the wedding venue.

Once the question was asked, we quickly scheduled a tour of the Lone Oak Barn. We immediately fell even more in love with the location and after reading the reviews we found on WeddingWire, we had no doubt that we had to book at the time. It was so helpful for us to read real reviews from real brides!

WW: How would you describe your personal style? And how do you plan to incorporate it into your wedding day?

KK: I would describe my personal style as simplistic with a touch of glamor. I will typically go for a simpler option, but will dress it up with a bold lip or feminine accessories.

For the overall wedding aesthetic, we’re focusing on infusing a whimsical flair into a country-chic themed wedding. Think bright whites, a subtle green, touches of wood, and outdoor string lights.

With Braden growing up in Amarillo, Texas and me being from Austin, it only made sense that we incorporated both of our breeds into our big day. Braden obviously brings the look and feel of the country to the big day, and myself adding a bit more glamor to balance the two.

Photo: Benjamin Garrett Photography

WW: Any exciting details you can share with us about your wedding?

KK: I guess I spilled the beans too early in the previous question!

Whimsical and country.

So, think of tons of white, beautiful green, and lights on. And for the biggest reveal… my bridesmaids will be wearing this skirt with this top. #obsessed

WW: Since you had a longer engagement, do you have any advice on the best way to plan your wedding when you’re not against the clock?

KK: I think having a long engagement was very beneficial for Braden and me! We were able to immerse ourselves in the “commitment life” and not compromise inner happiness with the stress of wedding planning. As we had a year and a half to talk about what we wanted, we felt that we were doing much better.

If you have a longer commitment, my best advice is not to put it off. It may seem like your wedding date is a long way off, but I promise you it will sneak up on you and your six months will quickly turn into three months. I recommend that you start planning 10 to 12 months after your appointment and you will be good to go. You just have to know what you want and know your budget!

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