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▷ 🥇 The role of bridesmaids: before and during D-Day

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The most important thing for your original wedding: having with you the man you plan to spend your whole life with! Second are the people to choose carefully to surround yourself: your bridesmaids! In fact, beyond your spouse, they will be valuable allies to help you, both in the preparations and in the decoration of your wedding for your big event, as well as in the smooth running of D-Day. The role of bridesmaids is not it’s official. Also, you can choose to have as many friends as you want around you. However, it is common to select between 2 and 5. It is up to you to see how much reinforcement you need, especially if you are wearing a wedding dress with a long train!

The role of bridesmaids before D-Day

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Your loved ones will not only intervene on your wedding day. The bridesmaids are in fact companions from the first months of their celebration.

When you think of bridesmaids, you immediately think of a bachelorette party! It is, indeed, a mission that is assigned to them very often. Your loved ones will take care of booking a surprise location and activities to take you on your latest bachelor adventure. One or more of your friends can also accompany you to choose your wedding dress. They will undoubtedly be valuable tips to help you make the right decision.

Your bridesmaids are probably part of your closest family or circle of friends. A good reason to ask them to help you organize your seating plan!

If you are thinking of making home decorations, your friends can also help you make different DIY accessories. It will also be an opportunity to share a good moment of complicity.

The same applies to writing or sending your invitations. If you have a large number of guests, feel free to ask your bridesmaids to help you prepare and publish all of your invitations.

The role of bridesmaids on D-Day


On your wedding day, your bridesmaids fly to your rescue! They are your shock team to solve any little problems you may encounter.

Before entering the scene, your bridesmaids will help you put on your dress, shoes, hang up the train and for any other last minute touch-ups.

During the ceremony, your friends will help you manage your dress and train. They take the bunch of flowers out of her hands, accompany the small children honorariums, distribute flyers en masse or even rose petals and other small bags to the guests.

Your friends are here to make your life easier. Since the bride is in demand from all sides on her wedding day, it is often difficult for her to take a few minutes off to eat or rest. Your friends will make sure you have everything you need for the day.

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They will also be of great help to the smooth running of the day. Invite guests to come to the reception after church or town hall, gather guests for dinner or entertainment, make sure the children are well looked after, your chores will be many!

Whether before or during the wedding, the main role of your bridesmaids is to help you relax, calm down and reassure you about this important new step in your life. Also, entrust this beautiful mission to people you trust! In particular, they can take care of the organization of the wedding games, an important step at a reception, but also write a great wedding speech that will show how much he loves you.

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