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The secrets of buying wedding tuxedos
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▷ 🥇 The secrets of buying wedding tuxedos

Generation Tux

If you’ve never bought formal wear before, the prospect of finding your wedding attire can be a bit unnerving.

We asked George Zimmer, founder and CEO of Generation Tux, to answer some of the biggest questions about the tux.

WW: What are some of the benefits of renting a tux online?

GT: Sometimes your godparents are located across the country or even the world, so renting online makes it easy for everyone to rent from the same location. Renting online also avoids having to make three visits to the store (for shopping / measurements, pick up and drop off), which can be difficult.

WW: What wedding details should a groom know before renting a tux or suit online?

GT: The groom must be able to answer these five questions: What time is the wedding? Is the wedding formal or something informal? How many men are there at your wedding party, not just groomsmen, but also ring bearers, dads, grandfathers, ushers? What do the bridesmaids wear, if any? Does your future spouse already have something in mind for you to wear?

WW: How has the tuxedo buying process changed in the last ten years?

GT: Today, customers expect better quality and comfort. They will no longer settle for a mediocre fit because it is for rent. As retail suits have developed a more modern fit with slimmer cuts and lapels, customers are demanding the same from the rental. There is also a higher demand for suits that are appropriate for more informal settings.

WW: How much should a groom and his groomsmen combine?

GT: There are 3 different options in terms of matching (we recommend 1 or 2):

1. Grooms and groomsmen wear a matching outfit, but the groom can be distinguished with a special boutonniere.

2. The groom has the same suit or tux as the groomsmen but wears different accessories. For example, the groomsmen dress in black and the groom wears a white vest and tie.
3. Everyone wears the same tux / suit but the accessories are different shades of the same color – this is most popular with bridesmaid dresses, but this is sometimes seen with groomsmen, too.

WW: How can a groom determine what accessories to wear (tie clip, pocket square, etc.)?

GT: A groom will have to make the following decisions when it comes to accessories:

  • Long tie or bow tie?

  • Vest, girdle or nothing?

  • What other accessories are suitable? These can include pocket squares, lapel pins, suspenders, and jewelry, such as cufflinks, studs, or bow ties.

It’s really a matter of taste, but there are some general rules of thumb:

  • Don’t wear a long tie with a sash

  • Don’t wear both a vest and a girdle

  • Wear suspenders, not a belt, with a tuxedo. Tuxedos do not have belt loops! You can wear a belt with a suit, however.

  • Brown shoes cannot go with a black suit or tuxedo

  • Do not mix gold and silver jewelry

  • Don’t wear both a boutonniere and a lapel pin

WW: If a groom wants a more unique look that isn’t too over the top, what styles would you recommend?

Blue is the new gray. If a midnight blue tuxedo or blue suit goes with your wedding, it’s a great choice. Brown shoes are a statement if you’re not wearing a black tuxedo or suit. Trendy socks, pocket squares, and lapel pins are a great way to make a unique look. I also like floral lapel pins, which are a nice alternative to boutonnieres.

WW: What is your only “golden rule” of buying a tuxedo?

GT: You deserve to feel safe and just enjoy your wedding. Don’t wait until the day before the wedding to make sure the fit of your tuxedo or suit is perfect. Try it on soon and make sure you look and feel good on your big day!

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