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The traditions of military marriage and their professional rituals
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▷ 🥇 The traditions of military marriage and their professional rituals

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One of you or perhaps both members of your partner is in a military role, a profession in uniform. These professions are performed daily in certain rituals, such as wearing specific clothes, salutes, or parades on specific dates. Therefore, when a soldier marries, he obeys certain codes related to his function. So you can’t put on just any wedding dress or even give a banal wedding speech. All the customs that we will present to you in this article are not mandatory, but many of them are respected by the military about to get married. Furthermore, these customs and traditions are generally highly appreciated by guests who have the opportunity to attend an original wedding.

Do you want to know more about the traditions of military marriage? Here are some answers and ideas for you to take on your own.

Dress code

If the soldier is a man, he has the opportunity to wear his parade or ceremony uniform. Therefore, he will be entitled to his sword (or sword), white gloves for certain functions, helmet, kepi and other accessories related to his profession. However, you will not be able to wear a buttonhole or customize your suit in any way.

If the soldier is a woman, you can choose to join in a simple wedding dress or wear your uniform. If it combines with a dress, it cannot be too low-cut and respect a certain elegance. If you decide to wear your uniform, you will not be able to hang accessories such as flowers, for example.

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Wedding decoration

The member of the couple performing a military role will wear their uniform on their wedding day if they so wish, as mentioned above. The uniforms are of course different depending on whether you are an aviator, a soldier on the ground, a gendarme, a firefighter or a sailor. Matching the colors of your wedding theme to the dominant color of your spouse’s suit may be a good idea.

The role of the military spouse can also be used as a theme at your reception. If you are about to marry a sailor, you can imagine a wedding room decoration on the theme of the sea, for example.

You can push the detail of your wedding decoration to the point of finding small objects dressed as soldiers to place on top of your room. Guaranteed success! You can also give the tables names related to the military role or, for example, names of countries to which the person has been sent on a mission.

The movements of the bride and groom

You may be able to request a company vehicle for your D-day trips. It can be particularly fun to arrive in a vintage fire truck or be followed by a motorcycle procession from the gendarmerie to the ceremony site.

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The wedding ceremony

It is certainly during the ceremony itself that the observance of the customs of military marriage will be most significant. Colleagues of the military spouse can also come in uniforms to give your event an even greater presence.

As you leave the town hall or church, the soldiers present at your wedding will stand on either side of the door to offer you a magnificent hedge of honor, sometimes with swords or sabers raised in the air. The bride and groom will pass on both sides of their friends and will be cheered by the guests gathered in the square!

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Activities during the reception

Cutting the cake can be original wedding entertainment during a military ceremony. In fact, if your spouse has a sword, you can use it to cut dessert in half – great time!

If your friends are athletes and aren’t afraid of getting dirty, why not organize a little obstacle course for them? You will be able to judge the military skills of your loved ones! If you want to do big things, ask guests to bring a comfortable suit to change into when doing this activity.

You can also wink at your spouse’s role by ringing a bell related to your regiment or role at a specific time during the wedding, for example, when the bride and groom enter the reception room.

The protocol related to a military marriage

Holding a military wedding isn’t just about entertainment, it’s about a few rules as well, especially when it comes to making your seating plan. If there are rank differences between the soldiers invited on D-Day, you need to make sure that you respect them and, for example, invite the higher-ranking soldiers to the head table.

As you may have understood, a military marriage is not just any marriage. Some protocols must be respected, some customs must be respected.

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