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▷ 🥇 Throwing rice or other accessories? Make your choice!

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Wedding preparations require you to think of many and varied elements. Even if there are priorities like the selection of the reception venue or the wedding dress and catering, don’t forget to allow time for the little details of your big day. In fact, you may not realize it yet, but they are the ones who will bring their full personality to your wedding. Don’t miss out on spending a lot of time choosing these little accessories that will make a difference! To make the church outing even more special and moving, plan for all your guests little props to throw in the air, outside of the wedding bouquet of course. This will make the atmosphere even more festive and will allow you to get beautiful and original wedding photos of your departure.

There are many possibilities in this area. From the most traditional to the most modern, let’s take a look at the options of this famous launch.


Photographs by Joffrey Capone

It is the most traditional launch element. In fact, it once symbolized the prosperity of the spouses and was a symbol of fertility. At that time, the idea was to throw all kinds of seeds to the bride and groom, a promise of happiness and abundance.

Rice is still an option today. However, check with your local town hall or church as some do not allow this type of practice as the rice attracts pigeons.

Some may prefer to choose inedible accessories to avoid food waste, another argument to consider.

Confetti and spools

Blue Mustache – Charles-Henri Poniard

Those who like color will be delighted. Choosing the confetti means transforming the exit of the ceremony into a true celebration. A safe option that will appeal to both young and old.

Plan paper cones with a few handfuls of confetti to gift to your guests at the beginning or end of the celebration, just before departure.

Rose petals

If your wedding is romantic and elegant, then choose flower petals. Nothing is lighter than a shower of roses in their union. For a hippie, country, pastel, refined or poetic wedding, this is a particularly photogenic solution.

Soap bubbles

Cédric Sintes

A favorite option for the little ones, soap bubbles entertain and wander thousands of people around the bride and groom. Be careful, however, with the components used in these chemicals, they can quickly soil your multipoint clothing.

You can make your own bubble liquid very easily, for example using an eco-friendly dishwasher. A way to do something for the environment and use substances that are less aggressive for skin and clothing.

Paper hearts and butterflies

LJC Photography

For an increasingly personalized launch, why not make your own accessories? A few weeks before the event, host a large cutting workshop with your family and make the shapes of your choice on paper in your wedding colors.

Of course, you can buy these ready-made items at the store. It is up to you to do this well in advance to find shapes and colors that are relevant to your wedding theme.

Helium balloons

François Lernon Photography

This is an alternative that is being used more and more. The bride and groom usually choose balloons in the colors of their union and fill them with helium a few hours before the celebration. At the exit of the church or the town hall, each guest has the right to his balloon that he lets fly.

For a little more originality, feel free to suggest to everyone that they write happy wishes to hang at the end of the balloon. All these messages of love and affection will fly in the air over your partner.

And you, what will your release be about? If you are looking for an original wedding, do not deprive yourself! You can afford to throw down feathers or ribbons. If you can also throw away the bouquet of flowers from your country right after the church ceremony and make a happy bride and maybe, future bride.

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