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Tips for writing humorous wedding speeches
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▷ 🥇 Tips for writing humorous wedding speeches

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To welcome your loved ones in the best possible way for your wedding, you will wear a wedding dress and a very elegant suit to be the star couple of this event! Taking care of the decoration and the wedding menu is also a good way to receive your guests in the best conditions. To make sure everything is perfect, feel free to give a short wedding speech to thank them for their presence.

Speeches are part of the essentials of marriage. It is rare for a wedding banquet to be held without at least one or two people speaking. This task is generally entrusted to the parents of the bride and groom, their brothers and sisters, witnesses, best friends and, of course, the bride and groom themselves when they want to read a love text or give a speech of thanks to their family and friends.

We’ll take a closer look at the humorous texts here. In fact, it is common for people who make speeches to want to add a touch of humor to their reading.

Whatever your position at the wedding reception, here are some tips to help you write your humorous speech for the big day.

1. The bride and groom’s comedy speech

Just because speeches are primarily reserved for guests doesn’t mean that you can’t speak as well. It is also often the case that the bride and groom say a few words to their loved ones, especially to express their gratitude.

If you want to liven up your speech and add some jokes that will wake up your friends at the end of the meal, remember to include some anecdotes in your text. For example, you can tell the worst moments of your preparations, a failed original marriage proposal and other small mistakes related to your love story and the organization of the wedding.

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2. Witness humorous speech

The wedding witness speech can also afford some jokes. As a witness to the bride or groom, you know this person who has been a part of your life for a long time better than anyone. So you certainly don’t run out of funny anecdotes about it.

If the boyfriend or girlfriend is a childhood friend, use your childhood memories to tell the story of your friendship. Remember the funniest moments, jokes, mistakes, nonsense, take advantage of this common past to entertain the public. Also look into these weekends or carpooling, these types of events are often full of entertaining anecdotes. In the same way, the marriage speech of the brothers of the spouses could mention some family adventures that marked their comic side.

If you are a keen observer and are not afraid of improvisation, you can also enjoy observing the attitude of some of your loved ones during the ceremony or at the beginning of the wedding reception. Those who yawned in church, those who sat in the last row to sleep, those who threw themselves on the buffet as if they hadn’t eaten in three days, those who inverted the boxes on the plane of the seats to sit next to him , etc.

Feel free to call several people in the audience. The audience appreciates a speech much more if they feel concerned.

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3. Humorous speech by a group of friends

Have you decided to speak in a group and are looking for ideas for unusual wedding speeches? Why not structure the text like a play? Organize a real staging in which everyone has a role to play. To reinforce the humor of the thing, do not hesitate to use costumes (costumes, wigs, glasses, etc.).

For example, designate two people to be the bride and groom. The other members of the group can play the parents, grandparents, or even the mayor or priest if you want to have fun parodying the wedding ceremony.

Play again incongruous, surprising and gaggy situations that involve the couple, whether they are real events or stories you invented! The meeting, the presentation to the parents, the proposal, the rehearsal of a choreography, the ceremony are topics that you can use to write your text.

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The humorous speech is one of those moments of joy and laughter that is expected of an original and festive wedding. If you want your guests to have a memorable evening and share the best moments for a long time, consider also planning wedding games that promote a good atmosphere. Because you have a sense of humor, you can also choose an original wedding invitation that will entertain your guests and immediately set the tone for your wedding.

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