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▷ 🥇 Tips on gifts for wedding guests

We’ve all been to a wedding where we were given a gift and we didn’t know what to do with it when we got home. That is what we call a failure! And today, when the roles are reversed, you don’t want to do the same with your guests, so finding the perfect gift is going to be a real battlefield.

Today we offer you our tips to help you find the perfect gift for your guests:

  • Forget the figurines. You will surely find small figures or santons that you will like, either because they will seem funny or because they will seem elegant. Because the decoration of a fireplace is something very personal, and nobody likes to be forced to put a decoration in their living room that they have not chosen.

  • Choose useful gifts. If you get married in the summer and it’s very hot, umbrellas and fans will be perfect for your guests! On the other hand, if you are getting married in a rainy season, why not offer an umbrella? Choose them in a solid color, so they can be used again later.
  • Edible gifts are always a hit. You can offer personalized cookies, chocolates, cupcakes, a small box of macaroons, etc. Your guests can eat them on the wedding day, or save them for later.
  • Soaps Whether personalized or fun-shaped, soaps are a good idea too.

Because we live in an age where gender equality is a given, choose unisex gifts so as not to offend anyone!

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