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▷ 🥇 Tutorial and napkin menu at the same time

* A big thank you to the future Wedding member wife for sending us her photos, explanations, and great decorating ideas!

For all the DIY couples, we wanted to bring you a fun napkin ring making tutorial. That being said, your napkin rings won’t be ordinary – they’ll also contain your wedding menu. Feel free to create this tutorial with your family or friends!

To make your menu napkin rings, you will need the following items:

On your sheet of paper, print out your menu. Then it will be a matter of overlapping your menu and the braided ribbon.

Then glue the ends of your sheet of paper and ribbon so that they wrap on themselves, with the printed side of the menu facing up.

Next, tie the roll obtained with the thin ribbon and slide your wheat sprig into it. And that’s it!

This will give you adorable napkin rings that will also serve as menus.

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