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▷ 🥇 Uzbekistan: a honeymoon at the crossroads of civilizations

You have made the bet of an original wedding. To surprise your loved ones from the start, you have opted for unusual wedding invitations. The same goes for the reception, catering or wedding decoration that you want in your image: unique, creative, out of the ordinary!

There is no doubt that you are looking for an unusual destination for your honeymoon. Would you like to go to Uzbekistan for this purpose? They are likely to be the first people around you to choose this country as the setting for your honeymoon.

Are you interested in the idea? Here is a brief summary of what awaits you.

Wonderful cities to discover together


The capital of Uzbekistan, the city of stone, will inevitably be part of your stay. Discover all the cultural diversity of the country in a city with Chinese, Arab, Persian and Russian accents.


This other emblematic city of the region also brings together diverse cultures. There are sublime monuments worthy of a fairy tale, including the entire Registan, that will undoubtedly inspire you with love texts.


Considered one of the jewels of Central Asia, this medieval city, typical of the region, reveals its mysteries to lovers, including the surprising scenery of the Citadel of the Ark, which will allow you to complete your original wedding photos.


It is undoubtedly the most popular city among couples in love for its traditional architecture with sun-drenched brick walls that transport you back in time and offer you a wonderful setting for your love dates with your eyes in your eyes.

Amazing individual hikes

The appointment in the Uzbek desert extends to live unique moments for two people. The infinite Kyzyl-Koum desert and its Ellik Kala oasis, the impressive Aral Sea almost completely dried up and its ship graveyard, these two places are difficult to imagine as they have a unique aesthetic that promises you a total disconnection from your life. daily life and stress of setting up your wedding room decor.

Among the recommended outdoor activities for honeymooners, we recommend swimming in the magnificent Aydarkul Lake, southeast of the Kyzyl-Koum desert, like a turquoise mirage in the middle of the drought. Stay in these unique landscapes and enjoy a night under a yurt and a starry sky for a particularly romantic experience.

A rich gastronomy to share sensations

Uzbek cuisine is one of the richest in the East. Whoever has opted for an original and flavourful wedding menu will not want to miss the opportunity to enjoy local dishes accompanied by their preparation and tasting rituals.

Experience an intense sensory experience for two learning about the country’s cuisine, including goumma (fritters), manty (ravioli), plov (stir-fried rice), chachliks (skewers), and laghmans (noodles). Visit the Khovrenko factory in Samarkand for a local wine tasting.

Charming accommodation for a timeless stay

During your stay abroad, it is important to have good accommodation, especially during your honeymoon, since you want to be perfect from morning to night. For this we recommend, for example, the Hotel Ichan Qual’a, a building taken from a fairy tale!

Also, hotels located in traditional Uzbek houses with their charming galleries and wooden architecture such as the Hotel Minzifa or the K. Komil Bukhara Boutique Hotel.

Exceptional wedding, exceptional wedding games! Since you’ve opted for originality, avoid the more classic wedding entertainment and invent yourself the activities that your guests will remember for a long time.

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