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Vera Wang Collection 2013 Wedding Dresses
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▷ 🥇 Vera Wang Collection 2013 Wedding Dresses

One thing is clear: the trend of 2013 is for colorful and vibrant wedding dresses. Vera Wang has been able to express her art with brio in a range of warm colors and, therefore, is at the heart of fashion with her charismatic proposals.

The wedding dresses in the Vera Wang 2013 collection are surprising and sumptuous: each model is unique and singular, rich in volume and detail. A collection in which those who want to impress and shine with a thousand lights, shrouded in mystery and elegance, will necessarily find their happiness!

What attracts the eye at first glance are the colors: who said that white was essential? Here are the unusual colored dresses that stand out from the tradition with great elegance. You will find coral reds and garnet reds whose liveliness illuminates the palest skin and gives the silhouette a crazy energy.

You will also find darker models, in chocolate brown tones, which blend into matte and mixed leathers.

For those who have flashed on the models but don’t see themselves dressed in red on their wedding day, don’t worry: Vera Wang has thought of you and offers her models in ivory or white. An excellent way to combine the ostentatious elegance of the cuts with the classicism of a light color, a symbol of purity and an emblem of brides.

As for shapes, it is princess cuts and mermaid cuts that dominate the scene: the designer’s goal is clearly to sublimate the silhouette of women who dare to assert themselves.

The chest is delicately highlighted by a straight or heart bodice in many models. The cuts of Kaitlin and Karen reveal the birth of the bust through a split neckline. Those who prefer to suggest rather than reveal will be drawn to the sophistication of the Kassia model with a high collar that goes up to the chin.

The models Kylie, a light cross veil at the throat, and Kirsten, a single strap on the left shoulder, have beautiful details that gracefully dress the upper part of the body.

In other models, it is small brooches, some pearls, an essential decorative accessory, and delicately sewn floral fabric motifs that give this distinctive touch characteristic of this very chic collection.

Hobbyists will appreciate the incredible workmanship of the materials, which offer great fluidity, volume and movement while remaining light.

Thus, in many models, hundreds of ripples come off the waist or thighs, in the case of the mermaid glasses, or large swirls reminiscent of the scarlet petals of a red rose.

The skirts are long and the thin fabric is well attached. Some, like Kylie and Kendall, reveal the lace in transparency, while in the Kassia model, the tulle seems to turn into feathers and delicate flower buds.

It is with great skill and taste that Vera Wang gives her wedding dresses the refinement and delicacy of works of art, transforming brides into living pictures.

You will have understood: the Vera Wang collection is designed not only for those who feel like princesses, but also and especially for queens and empresses at heart, and will embody femininity in all its splendor on the most beautiful day of their lives.

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