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Washi Tape DIY Wedding Favors Box
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▷ 🥇 Washi Tape DIY Wedding Favors Box

Photo: George Francis Jr

implement white wedding favor boxes are easy to customize to match your wedding theme and decor! For this design, we started with the Ivory Shimmer two-piece box from Invitations by Dawn ($ 50 for $ 80). Covering with washi tape takes less than 2 minutes per box, and adding the white heart on top is even easier.

Keep reading the instructions to make this adorable favor box.

1. Build the two separate pieces of the box.

2. Tilt the washi tape diagonally and wrap it around the surfaces of the box. For best results, allow the tape to move naturally until you can fold it inside the box. Do not change direction on a single piece of tape.

3. Punch the heart cover out of an extra box with a paper punch (we used the Heart 1 ″ Punch punch from Paper Source). Secure the lid of the box with glue to the lid covered with washi tape.

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