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▷ 🥇 Wedding dance: the right shoes to dance the night away

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After spending hours (days? Months?) Planning your wedding, from the smallest detail of the wedding decoration to your speech, you plan to relax on the dance floor. But you can already see the blisters and plantar pains that come during the ball, after spending the day at the pumps. And the same goes for your friends, with evening dresses with stilettos. To be sure of enjoying yourself together, just bring the special pair of dancefloor shoes: replacement models or even shoes tailored to the type of dance at your original wedding opening.

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The right alternatives to high heels

You may have chosen your wedding shoes with heels as carefully as your wedding dress, but you are afraid that the straps around your swollen feet or blisters will bother you. So you are thinking of a more comfortable pair of shoes.

There are several “floor” options available to you. Be aware, however, that if you lose a few inches this way, you may step on your dress. To take this into account in the last settings, think of the chain hanger!

Flip flops

If you get married in the summer, the flat sandals in gold or silver leather, in the Tropezian style, will look as elegant as your open-toe shoes. The same is true of Spartan jewelry, decorated with pearls, crystals or imitation stones, which is “broken” upstream at home, as they can also create wounds when new.

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A little more winter, because it is better to wear them with leggings to avoid sweating, the dancers will rest your bruised feet. There are all kinds, with round or pointed tips, with sequins or colors, with a small knot or decorated with a jewelry clip, etc. And even special lace wedding dresses, which will match your vintage wedding dress.

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It’s been a long time since sneakers have become more democratic and come with the most sophisticated looks. For your wedding, opt for a classy shoe model and a little more fantasy than usual: leather fringes, sequined back, lace details, inlaid pearls…. You can also play unity with your husband, in white sneakers and a blue wedding dress, right on trend.

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Be careful, if they are more comfortable than heels, derbies are still rigid shoes: do not wear them for the first time during the dance. If you have opted for an original wedding dress, or even a wetsuit or a tuxedo, you will be happy with these shoes inspired by men’s wardrobe.

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Adapted dance models

Planning to set the dance floor on fire and embark parents, grandparents, and friends in moose and rhythmic wedding games? Why not go for real dancer shoes, depending on the atmosphere you want to give your ball?

For a tango

Latino atmosphere on the show? Bet on the Salomés, these shoes with a round toe and a vertical strap on the instep, which don’t get lost with the slightest movement.

To feel comfortable in the arms of your partner (and your husband), prefer a heel of maximum 8 cm. Tango shoes also work if the temperature rises, and your guests start dancing salsa and bachata.

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For jazz dances

If your wedding atmosphere is more jazzy, or even if you’ve bet on a retro wedding theme, turn to men’s-inspired shoes like the Oxfords, also called Richelieu. For example, the famous Repetto Zizi, created for the dancer Zizi Jeanmaire, are made of soft and comfortable calf or goat leather and come in various colors or patterns.


For a swing ball

Swing and its variants, lindy hop and be-bop, are making a strong comeback. Did you succumb to this joyous and rhythmic dance of American origin? Put on Mary Janes, these babies with heels and a horizontal strap that holds the ankle securely.

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For country dance

Did you want an original wedding theme and did you stop in the United States? Field dances for everyone! In addition to the famous “Cotton Eye Joe,” country music should bring all generations back to the track.

To kick off a country line in style, slip on a pair of wedding Santiags: white, studded, embroidered or colored, these cowboy boots with ground-hitting little heels will add a folk flair to your ball.

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Do you have the shoes? It’s a good start, but that’s not all. Continue equipping your wedding dress, choosing your jewelry and defining the style of your wedding bouquet with your florist.

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