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▷ 🥇 Wedding in the rain: the most beautiful photos!

Now that your event date is set, you are about to send the wedding invitations to all the family members you wish to invite. At the same time that you put them in an envelope, you pray to heaven for a mild climate all day D. The vagaries of the weather are the main concern of couples! Everyone wants to see her wedding dress sparkle in the beautiful sunshine and cross her fingers so that outdoor wedding games are not interrupted by a sudden shower.

Of course, you should keep an eye on the weather and plan several B-plans in case the rain hits your celebration, especially during the ceremony and cocktail party. But, panic! Bad weather can quickly turn to your advantage and even benefit your photos! Take a look at our image gallery to see for yourself.

We also present some ideas to incorporate original and romantic wedding photos taken in the rain into your album!

Umbrellas for everyone!

  • A ceremony outside but protected

Remember to provide umbrellas for each guest, or one per couple, as an original wedding gift or just for the duration of the day! Obey your theme and choose it according to the colors chosen for the decoration of your wedding hall. Place an umbrella on each chair before the secular ceremony begins, ahead of time.

  • A hedge of honor found

If you are observing the weather well in advance and the probability of rain is high, another option is to offer this accessory in the dress code. Specify it on your wedding cards and organize a sublime ceremony outing in this way.

If each guest opens their umbrella during the ceremony outside, or afterwards, just like the most beautiful hedges of honor, you can take some magnificent photos: the play of colors will reproduce a rainbow above your event and bring a good dose of joy to your celebration, as well as to your photos.

Rain accessories for the bride and groom

Make it original by adding various rain accessories to your wedding look! Opt for a customization service for your accessories, starting with your wedding umbrellas, on which precious love quotes will be printed. If you have a funny and unconventional mind, think of funny texts: “I was not born yesterday”, “dog time” or “very dry”!

To counter the rain, there is nothing better than rubber boots for the bride! White like the wedding dress or Liberty designs, lift your skirt up in front of the lens so you can see these unusual shoes.

Future boyfriend, break the rules by choosing a rolled hem that reveals your ankles or original socks! With retro fashions and unusual accessories, rain and mud are the perfect excuses to follow the shorts trend. An invisible hem or a fire on the floor, study the matter seriously but do not soil your beautiful shoes!

Also, allow yourself anoraks in the colors of your wedding theme! Not all the time, but a few moments away….

Photographs in the rain: the height of romance

It may not have crossed your mind, but photos in the rain are by far the most romantic cliches of all time. During the photoshoot that will follow your engagement, if it starts to rain, see it as an opportunity! In fact, gloomy weather and humid environments will allow your photographer to play with many effects.

Reflections in puddles, deep lights, drops on car windows, the poetry of clouds, endless umbrellas and, of course, black and white photographs are elements on which your professional should know how to improve the report of your wedding.

Some ideas for staging

Find a good place to take your couple photos and take shelter under your umbrella to hug yourself. More fun, simulate a storm and a Mary Poppins takeoff!

Once again, the use of umbrellas is also a good idea if you have decided to organize a flashmob with your friends and family! Choose the right colors and prepare choreographies by playing with these accessories that will leave you with atypical images and memories!

For your group photos, invite your witnesses, friends and family to join you under your umbrellas for the romantic and elegant side. You can also have fun tossing them in the air in a funnier way! On the gentlemen’s side, play Dandy using these accessories as a cane when you make a magnificent portrait of the best of men.

Its use is also a very good idea when you open your wedding ball. According to tradition, in some regions, the bride and groom make a slow flower under an umbrella while all the guests surround them and cover them with spirals.

Our last advice: If you don’t want to damage your dress, you can plan an elegant and less fragile evening dress in case of bad weather. Also remember to anticipate the arrival of rain when preparing when choosing your outdoor wedding decor. All these ideas will help you not to worry about bad weather! If you feel bad weather is hurting your morale, quickly prepare your wedding speech by choosing phrases that warm your hearts!

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