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Wedding music how to choose music for the banquet
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▷ 🥇 Wedding music: how to choose music for the banquet?

When choosing music for the reception, it is important to distinguish between two moments: the banquet and the dance evening. the banquet The moment of the cocktail, before sitting at the table can be accompanied by background music. Depending on the style of the wedding, the music will be more or less classical. The classical style, with the possibility of a quartet or lyrical interpretation, is very popular in luxury receptions! In this case, the harp option can be interesting. Its soft melody will bring a touch of elegance to your wedding. For a more informal reception, we will choose a more modern style. Normally most of the guests coincide in general musical styles, so it is not advisable to fall into very extreme styles. In the case of regional weddings, traditional music can also be used. Pop-rock music is a genre that generally attracts a large majority of people, it is a good option for the night. Afterwards, you will adapt the music if the cocktail is outdoors or not.

Once on the table, the music will take a back seat. It is advisable to put it only at the entrance of the bride and groom to the banquet, and in more occasional moments, such as throwing bouquets, games or the entrance of the cake.

The night of the dance If we limit ourselves to protocol, the opening of the dance after the banquet should take place in a waltz, which the newlyweds will dance, followed by the waltz between the groom and his mother-in-law and the bride and her father-in-law, and finally the rest of the guests. However, today, many newlyweds decide to personalize this moment and prefer to replace the waltz with other more contemporary romantic music. Some even dare to use more animated choreography to surprise their guests. If you want dance night to be a truly personal moment, make your own song list or CD and give it to the DJ or band of your choice.

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