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Wedding rain Guide for brides
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▷ 🥇 Wedding rain – Guide for brides

Everything is ready: the outfit, the restaurant, the church, the gifts for the guests. But there is one thing you cannot control: the rain. And no matter how much you pray and do your best, if it’s going to rain, it’s going to rain….

We don’t want anything to spoil your wedding day, not even the rain. So we’ve put together some tips to make sure rain is no longer your enemy, but an ally:

– Always have a BS plan if you are planning an outdoor wedding, remember you cannot control the weather. However, it is possible to plan ahead and come up with a plan B. Talk to the hotel or restaurant where you are having your wedding and find together a covered place where you can stay if it does rain. You can also rent a barnacle, there are some transparencies but they are quite expensive.

– Buy a white umbrella and a black umbrellaSearch for two large and elegant umbrellas. One black for the groom and one white for you. They will serve you to go to the church or the town hall separately and dry. To go out once married, you can only use an umbrella.

– Offer colorful umbrellas to your guests, if you can’t defeat the enemy, join them. At the entrance of the ceremony, place baskets full of pretty umbrellas. You can choose two colors (one more feminine and one more masculine), one color (neutral that can go to both men and women) or several colors. Your guests will thank you and the photos will stay beautiful.

– Postpone the photo session… ..

Before the wedding, arrange with your photographer to do your photo shoot on another day if it rains on the wedding day. On the positive side: you can enjoy the wine of honor with your guests and put on the wedding dress.

– … or enjoy the light and the romantic touch of the rain If you don’t mind getting a little wet, you can take advantage of the magic of the rain to take your photos. The photos will be beautiful and you can bring your umbrellas. You can also opt for a photo session inside the hotel and enjoy its furniture.

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