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What eyebrow removal to choose for your wedding
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▷ 🥇 What eyebrow removal to choose for your wedding?

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As D-Day approaches and your gaze becomes clearer. You, of course, have in your possession a beautiful wedding dress that will allow you to be the queen of the night! You have chosen a wedding hairstyle to further enhance your garment. Lastly, you know that you will have to go through a wedding makeup session to enhance your ensemble.

If your makeup artist will be able to highlight the features of your face, you need to be perfectly prepared to receive this beauty enhancement. This is particularly true in the case of the eyebrows, which you should consider before plucking them to perfect the aesthetics of your face.

You may not be used to plucking your eyebrows. You even wonder what technique to use to get a perfect result. This is what we will try to determine together by reviewing four methods of eyebrow hair removal.

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It is, without a doubt, the most common method of eyebrow removal, the one that everyone does at home without any particular help. Tweezers have the advantage of being a precise tool that allows you to target the hairs you want to remove. However, this gentle and inexpensive method must be handled with care so as not to dig too deep into the brow. Never touch the top of the eyebrow.

Simply remove the hair from the eyelid or between the eyebrows. Do your waxing several days before your wedding to avoid unsightly redness. You can leave your wedding makeup with complete serenity. Ideal for those who are on a budget, do not have a lot of hair to pluck, and whose brow line is already well defined.

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If you have never plucked your eyebrows before, it is essential to go to the institute. Wax is a delicate product that, if misused, can cause serious damage! Wax has the advantage of offering a particularly clean result because the hairs and down are perfectly removed, just enough to make it shine brilliantly on your mermaid wedding dress. On the other hand, it is a slightly aggressive method for the skin of the eyelid which, being very thin, runs the risk of losing elasticity prematurely if this technique is practiced repeatedly.

To be used only on special occasions! Don’t forget to apply a soothing cream after waxing to avoid overheating, especially if you have naturally sensitive skin. Ideal for brides looking for precision, a perfect brow line, an institute treatment and a waxing to be done in advance (up to 3 weeks before D-day).


This oriental method is slowly making its way into beauty salons. In any case, this is the current trend in eyebrow waxing. Unlike wax, the thread does not stretch the skin and therefore does not cause trauma or premature aging. The goal is to pull the hair from the roots by wrapping it between two twisting wires until the bulb gives way.

Practiced by professionals, this method is painless and hair growth has the advantage of being flawless. Have you chosen a Lebanese makeup for your wedding? You may even want to try this oriental hair removal method. Ideal for those who like to try new techniques, the latest beauty trends, who are looking for an extremely precise and long-lasting result.


Laser depilation

Laser hair removal is a method that is most commonly used for the armpits, legs, and bikini area, but it can also be applied to the face. This is a definite method that must be done by a professional. It is used almost exclusively for the eyebrow area to prevent the patient from regretting one day of having excessively plucked the contour of their eyebrows.

Count 5 to 7 sessions for a satisfactory result. Keep in mind that you will need to protect the depilated area with sunscreen for a few weeks. Keep these different parameters in mind on your calendar, it is impossible to apply your natural wedding makeup the day after a laser hair removal session! Ideal for those who have very thick and thick eyebrows, especially in terms of space between eyebrows, looking for a definitive solution to their hair problem.

All brides want the perfect look for their big day. Complete your ensemble with a bouquet of fresh flowers for an extra touch of elegance and romance. Depending on your style, choose a bouquet of roses, peonies, tulips, succulents, sunflowers, everything is possible!

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