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What jewelry to choose according to the neckline of
Home » ▷ 🥇 What jewelry to choose according to the neckline of the wedding dress?

▷ 🥇 What jewelry to choose according to the neckline of the wedding dress?


Because makeup, hairstyle, and wedding dress aren’t the only things you have to worry about when putting on your beauty, it’s important not to neglect your jewelry and other accessories for the big day. You must choose according to several criteria, such as the theme of your wedding and the style of your look, but also and especially according to your type of neckline! To avoid making mistakes, here is everything you need to know about it.

Chest or sweetheart neckline

With a strapless wedding dress, your chest and headdress will be highlighted. Therefore, it is important to take this state of mind into account when choosing your jewelry, choosing fine and delicate accessories instead of maxi jewelry.

And if you want to play princess, choose a tiara to highlight your proud port?

Square neckline

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For this type of cleavage, a shaved collar can do it all! For maximum elegance, choose it in a noble material such as gold, silver or a bet on pearls. If you have chosen vintage / retro as your original wedding theme, a very long multi-row necklace with earrings is ideal.

Boat neckline

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Her boat neck allows her to proudly expose her shoulders, shoulder blades and the beginning of her back. To be in your favor, do not hesitate to bet on an imposing pair of earrings, to mix with a choker necklace or even a saltire, and a slim bracelet. This will add a touch of sophistication, especially if you have opted for a simple wedding dress.

V neck

Kasia h

You are lucky, it is the easiest to dress! You can choose a long, thin chain to place in the center of your chest or in a larger room. If you want to brighten up this classic neckline, nothing prevents you from choosing an ensemble and adding an accumulation of fine bracelets.

Round neckline

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Too high and not light enough, a necklace would only stifle this type of cleavage further. So we put everything in earrings like drops or beads and add a colorful bracelet to give everything a little energy.

Neckline neckline

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It is a sleeveless but rising neckline: therefore, the collar should be avoided. However, you will not be able to ignore a pair of earrings! With this type of collar the choice is quite free, everything will depend mainly on the material of the upper part of the dress. With a lace wedding dress, go for bohemian rings. For a more traditional event, pearls will be perfect.

Asymmetric neckline

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If you wear an asymmetrical wedding dress, the long earrings will perfectly enhance your bare shoulder. On the other hand, if the upper part of the dress is already well worked, more discreet earrings are recommended.

In order not to break the asymmetry of your outfit, it is better not to wear a necklace, but to prefer a nice bracelet, such as a bracelet if you have short sleeves.

And in general, we take into account that we must avoid the maximum combination of XXL earrings / necklace. Delicacy and refinement are the keywords of the future wife, try to find the right balance on the jewelry side.

Keep in mind that other factors can determine the choice of your jewelry, including your wedding hairstyle. Whether you have loose, raised hair or a hairstyle on the side will be decisive!

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