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What to do with the flowers of your wedding
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▷ 🥇 What to do with the flowers of your wedding ceremony?

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The flower budget for a wedding is often substantial and it hurts the heart to enjoy beautiful flower arrangements only during the ceremony. However, there are ways to ensure that you can enjoy your flowers all day by giving them more than one use. Find out how to do it below:

Give a second life to bouquets

On the benches or chairs, the bouquets that will decorate the furniture of your secular or religious ceremony, in the town hall or in an outdoor place, can be transported and placed in beautiful vases to decorate your centerpieces.

Think about the key places to put your flowers

Decorate with your beautiful flowers the space reserved for the guest book and the urn, the table of your wedding cake and, why not, the reception toilets to also give them a festive atmosphere.

Move the flower arrangements

Ask your D-Day coordinator to place your bouquets after the ceremony on a table in the entrance of your reception room, by the fireplace in the living room, or anywhere else you think is best to decorate.

If you have chosen flowers or other potted plants for the entrance to the ceremony site. You can arrange them in a different way for more originality or remove some elements of the plant to give them a new look.

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Change the location of the arch of the flower ceremony

If you are hosting a secular outdoor wedding ceremony and have planned a flowered archway, you can place it in front of the front door of your reception area to create a nice passageway.

If you are using a wreath to decorate the altar, then hang it on a door at your ceremony location.

To give a floral composition a dual use, another idea would be to design it as a garland: horizontally, suspended from the trees or from the ceiling of your reception area.

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Do not forget to ask in advance: it is common in churches to leave flowers there; In this case, you could agree with other couples who are getting married on the same day as you to choose an individual floral decoration, which will be cheaper for you, since you will share the expenses. Some places of worship ask, on the contrary, that the floral composition be removed at the end of the ceremony. In any case, it is an aspect that deserves to be considered!

Talk to your florist: they will advise you on the best way to choose a floral decoration that can be used both for your ceremony and for your reception.

If you decide to reuse your ceremony flowers for your reception, which will save you money, you will need to plan to transport your flowers, in good condition so that they are well maintained, from the ceremony site to the reception site, as well as your installation while you and your guests take their photos and drink the wine of honor.

Have you thought about reusing the flowers of your ceremony, what are your ideas?

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