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Wooden boxes and vases 35 centerpieces for a rustic
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▷ 🥇 Wooden boxes and vases: 35 centerpieces for a rustic wedding

The wedding dress, that’s it, you found it! The wedding dress is also done. For a few weeks, they have also reserved the reception area that will host their celebration. Your preparations are underway, but don’t stop there, you have yet to start working on your wedding decorations.

For you, it will be a rustic wedding. Your reception area is located in the countryside, with a strong emphasis on natural elements, and therefore you want the same to apply to your wedding hall décor.

This is how we have put together several ideas for you if you want to have wooden centerpieces at the heart of your decor.

Wooden vases and candlesticks

Do you want a rustic and chic decoration of the wedding table? So, rely on accessories like vases and chandeliers.

For example, there are very nice sage wood vases, faceted wooden vases for a more contemporary look or very simple light wood cylindrical vases for a refined and natural decoration.

The selection of candle holders is also very wide. For example, we can use solid and raw wood models or an increasingly rustic style with candle holders carved from large wooden logs for centerpieces close to nature.

Wine boxes and crates

If you are looking for a simple solution to your desire to install wooden centerpieces, look for ready-made objects that are easy to personalize if necessary, such as a wooden box for wine or champagne. You will see that there are several sizes, ideal to adapt this object to the size of your reception tables.

Wooden boxes such as those used to transport fruits and vegetables can also be considered. Your traders may even be able to put a little aside for you. All that’s left is to decorate these containers with country bouquets and other rustic flower arrangements.

Divert objects from their original function

Open your eyes wide! Around you there may be wooden objects that, although they are not intended for decoration, could serve as rustic centerpieces. For a perfect country wedding decor, have fun, for example, by diverting wooden bird feeders into poetic centerpieces.

A toolbox, a gardener, a jewelry box, children’s stackable cubes, there are many wooden accessories and some of them will offer you the possibility to create perfectly unique centerpieces.

Build your centerpiece

If you are not completely satisfied with an accessory, nothing prevents you from creating your own centerpieces or hiring a decorating specialist to design personalized objects especially for you.

A simple wooden log decorated with green moss and flowers, a plate mat made of small wooden washers and decorated with your favorite plants, a wooden box sanded, assembled, painted and decorated by you, trust yourself and start to make the perfect accessories to complete the decoration you have in mind.

Rustic decor means authentic wedding games. Take advantage of your childhood activities and the oldest and most traditional games to create wedding entertainment that is consistent with the atmosphere of your event.

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