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▷ amistad 10 songs about friendship to dedicate to your loved ones on D-Day

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Whether you are planning an original wedding or a traditional wedding, chances are good that this happy day will be marked by tears of happiness. Your beautiful event is, of course, conducive to great moments of emotion that will take the form of love quotes and fiery declarations, especially during wedding speeches. Why not use this day to remind your loved ones how much you love them and how important they are to you? Do it with music with the 10 songs about friendship that you cannot miss to dedicate to them on the day of your union.


  • 1 1- Reina, “You are my best friend”
  • two 2- Julie Zenatti, “Les amis”
  • 3 3- Mylène Farmer, “L’autre”
  • 4 4- Stéphane Eisher, “I don’t have a friend like you”
  • 5 5- The Rembrandts, “I’ll be there for you”
  • 6 6- Bruno Mars, “Count on me”
  • 7 7- Andrew Gold, “Thank you for being a friend”
  • 8 8- Christophe Maé, “Les amis”
  • 9 9. Neg Brown, “Le Bilan”
  • 10 10. Sheila, “You”

1- Reina, “You are my best friend”

This iconic track from the unforgettable band Queen is both rock’n ‘roll and catchy. The lyrics are beautiful and deep and the message is clear: “You are my best friend.”

  • For whom? For whom? A statement in a song aimed primarily at your best and oldest friend.

2- Julie Zenatti, “Les amis”

As this song by the famous singer from the 2000s says: “We are attending the wedding of our first friends, we have heard that the children have grown up.” You will be sensitive to this beautiful text about evolution and the great moments of friendship.

  • For whom? For whom? For young and trendy grooms and grooms who need or want some nostalgic time with their friends.

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3- Mylène Farmer, “L’autre”

A beautiful song with a melancholic but undoubtedly poignant melody, this music will be perfectly appropriate for a wedding witness speech, for example.

  • For whom? For whom? For newlyweds who want to reserve a special moment for their friends, in total privacy.

4- Stéphane Eisher, “I don’t have a friend like you”

It is one of the great classics of French song that we never tire of listening to and that addresses an important issue: that of complicity and unbreakable friendship between best friends.

  • For whom? For whom? A beautiful music to dedicate to friends who especially like the repertoire of French songs.

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5- The Rembrandts, “I’ll be there for you”

Now better known as the soundtrack to the famous Friends series, this song will definitely agree with everyone! This catchy music has the advantage of having lyrics that will make sense in the hearts of your loved ones.

  • For whom? For whom? To celebrate friendship as a group.

6- Bruno Mars, “Count on me”

None of your guests missed this piece by international star Bruno Mars, which will remind your loved ones that they are important to you and that loyalty is the highest quality of friendship.

  • For whom? For whom? Dedicate it to your friends who are always loyal to work, no matter when you live.

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7- Andrew Gold, “Thank you for being a friend”

Because it is an opportunity to be able to count on the presence of your friends and their help in the most difficult moments, take the time to thank them in different ways, being one of them dedicating this beautiful music to them.

  • For whom? For whom? Boyfriends and grooms who want to say “thank you” in a song to their closest circle of friends and family.

8- Christophe Maé, “Les amis”

This dynamic pop song celebrates all kinds of friendships, from childhood friendships to party buddies to eternal singles.

  • For whom? For whom? A catchy tribute to all the friends, as different as they are complementary, who have been important in your life.

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9. Neg Brown, “Le Bilan”

“Time passes and many things have changed …” Use this very different rhythm and parody the lyrics to tell your own story and take stock of your best friends. This little musical game will be great entertainment for the wedding!

  • For whom? For whom? For those who want to have fun reviewing the years shared with the oldest friends.

10. Sheila, “You”

Change the cash register! Close your night and your original wedding games with Sheila’s song to celebrate the moments you just lived with your loved ones in a joyful way.

  • For whom? For whom? Known to all, this success will make the unanimity and allow them to leave in a good mood, once the night is over.

And if you are wondering what is the best time to make these dedications to your friends, take advantage of the speech of appreciation of the wedding to spread and sing the song or songs that best express your feelings of friendship. If in addition to this beautiful gesture you want to offer something material to the most precious friends in your eyes, you can perfectly offer them your bridal bouquet, or at least part of it, if you want to perform the traditional throw with the other half. This is how the emotion of these symbolic moments is accentuated, beyond the original wedding gifts that you will have to choose before D-Day.

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