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10 Bridesman gifts for the best guys in your life
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10 Bridesman gifts for the best guys in your life

Photograph by Tyler Boye

If you’ve asked your best friend to stand next to you at your wedding, you may be wondering what to give him as a boyfriend gift. While it is quite simple to find the perfect gift for bridesmaids, shopping for a man of the bride can feel like uncharted territory. Our advice? Stick to a gift that is similar in price and feel to the gift you give your bridesmaids. The gifts may not be the same, but that’s okay. While gifting all bridesmaids the same item (often something that is worn or worn at the wedding) was popular in the past, brides today are opting for wedding party gifts that speak up. individual personality of each person.

So with that in mind, keep reading for our roundup of the best grooming gifts you can buy for that special guy in your life and at your bridal party.

Chambray Tunic

Best if you are gifting your bridesmaids: A robe

A wedding gift that will never go out of style? A luxurious robe. And it makes sense too – your best friends can use it while you get ready for the big day, but it works perfectly after the wedding too. What if you have a boyfriend? A robe is still a great gift! If you are going to get ready with you and the ladies, it will be a great way to keep you cozy and warm before you are ready for time to go. We love this wrinkle-free chambray robe from Brooks Brother. It’s luxurious yet understated, making it one of the best wedding couple gifts we could find.

Chambray Wrinkle Resistant Gown, $ 118,

Noise Canceling Headphones

Best if you are gifting your bridesmaids: A jeweler

Here’s a gift idea that your boyfriend will cherish for a long time: noise-canceling headphones. Trust us in this case; they are worth their weight in gold to travel, study, work or just relax and listen to music. For a high-quality pair at a reasonable price, we recommend these Sennheiser headphones. They have amazing noise cancellation capabilities and super long battery life.

Sennheiser Noise Canceling Headphones, $ 158,

Kit to prepare beer and cider

Best if you are gifting your bridesmaids: Small batch gourmet chocolates

It’s about giving each member of your wedding party a gift that speaks to their unique tastes. If your boyfriend loves a craft beer himself, he’ll love a kit that lets him try his hand at brewing his own beer at home. Find a kit that is complete from start to finish so you don’t have to spend a lot of money buying additional accessories before you start. One that fits the project? The Mr Beer Premium Craftbrewing Kit, which contains everything you will need for your new favorite hobby, and at a great price, too!

Mr Beer Premium Craft Brewing Kit, $ 42,

Subscription box

Best if you are gifting your bridesmaids: Beauty Subscription Box

We can’t think of a guy on the planet who wouldn’t get turned on by meat in an ammo can, which is why Man Crates made our list of the best boyfriend gifts you can buy. Man Crates are cured boxes of beef jerky and other products that ship in irresistibly cold containers, such as real wood crates that come with levers, and authentic cans of military grade ammunition. The boxes come packed with everything from nuts to beef jerky to bacon – well, everything. Our favorite Man Crate, which comes at a totally reasonable price, is the Premium Jerky Ammo Can. It’s packed with exotic jerky and is treated like a Clif Bar and Corn Nuts. Yum!

Premium Man Crate Dry Ammo Can, $ 49,

Grooming kit

Best if you are gifting your bridesmaids: Aroma game

Help her elevate her grooming routine (both for the wedding and for the future!) With a high-quality grooming kit. Ideal for use both at home and on the go, a grooming kit is a wonderful gift that will show her that you are in touch with her needs. If possible, you may want to find out what products you already use and give you a set of them. He is not sure? We love this premium set from Anthony Logistics; You can’t go wrong with this popular brand, and their travel grooming kit has everything you need, from body wash to facial moisturizer and shaving cream.

Anthony Logistics The Essential Traveler Kit, $ 56,

Leather Bag / Dopp Kit

Best if you are gifting your bridesmaids: Weekend bag

If you already have your product line ready, maybe you need something to carry everything! In that case, a doping kit or similar leather bag would be a welcome gift. In many cases, you can even personalize it with your initials and your wedding date. Our favorite is this sturdy canvas and leather bag from MSG Vintage. It is a robust bag with a spacious interior; there is a large main opening with a small inside pocket for super small items like dental floss or contact lenses. Another small open zip pocket on the outside of the bag is a handy extra.

MSG Vintage Leather Canvas Dopp Kit, $ 14.99,


Best if you are gifting your bridesmaids: Compact mirror

One of the best man bride gifts we can think of is a custom multi tool. After all, you’re pretty much guaranteed to wear it, and it’s a great option if you’re looking to give your boyfriend a thoughtful gift without breaking the bank. Personalize it with his name and your wedding date to give it that special touch.

Custom Multi Tool, $ 12,


Best if you are gifting your bridesmaids: Sneakers

Slippers will always be one of the best gifts for the bride and groom. Bring on your years of comfort when you gift her a pair of ultra-luxurious wool slippers. If you are looking for a pair that is worth your time, take a look at the Ascot sneaker from Uggs. With the 100% leather upper and durable rubber outsoles, you can wear them both indoors and outdoors without worrying about cold or wet feet.

Ugg Men s Ascot Slipper, $ 120,

Dress shirt

Best if you are gifting your bridesmaids: Any article of clothing or accessory

Do you have a fashionable boyfriend? You’ll love the gift of a stylish button-down shirt from Untuck-It. They have a whole line of button-down shirts and polo shirts (both short-sleeved and long-sleeved) specifically designed to be worn loosely for a casual yet carefree look.

Kenwood wrinkle-free shirt, from $ 78,


Best if you are gifting your bridesmaids: Bangle bracelet

Cufflinks never go out of style, and for that reason they are one of the best boyfriends gifts you can give. If appropriate, he can wear them to your wedding, but if you get some attractive ones, like these metallic gray ones from Etsy, he’ll be sure to wear them for years to come. Personalized with one, two or three initials on a class script, these round cufflinks make a beautiful gift.

Round custom round cufflinks, $ 20,

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