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12 Australian made wedding cakes we love
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12 Australian-made wedding cakes we love

Sometimes choosing a wedding cake toppers can be more difficult than choosing the cake itself. Luckily for you, you don’t have a lot of options, so be sure to pick one that represents both of you.

Cake toppers are placed on top of the wedding cake where it sparkles and shines for everyone to see. It’s what guests notice immediately when they enter the reception area. That said, do you know what cake toppers symbolize?

It’s not really alone a decorative object. Traditionally, it would be a figure of the bride and groom to represent the happy couple. However, times have changed and cake topper figurines have evolved into super personalized figurines that look exactly like the bride and groom, their names, or maybe just their initials.

If you’ve been flipping through Pinterest and Instagram for cake topper ideas, I’m sure you’ve come across some beautiful laser cut phrases like, “Happily ever after,” “Mr & Mrs” and many others.

Typography and handwriting being that we are, laser cut script is something we love to see in our feeds. Here are some of our top picks for creatively made wedding cake toppers here in Australia!

1. Brilliant occasions

Bright Eyes Bright Eyes

Instagram: @glisteningoccassions_

Etsy: Brilliant Occasions

2. Communicate


Instagram: @communicakeit

Etsy: CommunicationIt


3. Urban Words Australia

Urban words Australia Urban words Australia

Instagram: @urbanwordsaustralia


4. Little Confetti’s love

Little Confetti Love | Susan Little Confetti Love | Susan

Instagram: @littleconfettilove


5. The Rustic of Heart

The rustic at heart

Instagram: @therusticatheart

Etsy: therusticatheart

6. Little Dance Invitations

Little dance

Instagram: @littledance


7. PinkSwann


Instagram: @pinkswann

Etsy: PinkSwann

8. flowers next to the vase

flowers in vase

Instagram: @flowersbythevase

Etsy: flowers by the vase

9. Personalized favors

Personalized Favors

Instagram: @personalised_favours

Etsy: Personalized Favors

10. Dragged by whims

Dragged Dragged Dragged

Instagram: @whimsychuffed

Etsy: WhimsyChuffed

11. Love Lottie XOXO

Love Lottie XOXO Love Lottie XOXO

Instagram: @lovelottiexoxo

Etsy: lovelottiexoxo

12. XOXO design

xoxodesign_au xoxodesign_au

Instagram: @xoxodesign_au


So what kind of wedding cake topper do you think would represent the two of you? A nice figurine, flowers, a romantic or even funny phrase?

Personalizing your cake topper will add an extra layer of romance and charm to your wedding reception. It will be the cherry on top of your beautiful wedding cake!

Make sure to choose one that matches your personality and your wedding theme. Remember this is a keepsake from your wedding that you will treasure forever.

Tip: Reuse your cake topper after the wedding

After the wedding, brides are often left with lots of wedding decorations that they don’t know exactly what to do with it.

Instead of throwing the top off your cake, why not reuse it to remind you of your special day for years to come. You can use it as a bookend, put it on your side table as a conversation piece, or even turn it into a Christmas ornament.

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