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20 Protea Rey bouquets that are bold and beautiful
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20 Protea Rey bouquets that are bold and beautiful

Michelle Roller

King protea bouquets are totally on trend, and it’s easy to see why. Native to South Africa and Australia, this statement flower has a unique look that knows how to show off – an upturned shaggy center framed with pointy petals gives it a stately feel worth being fawned over. They come in a variety of shades, from rustic red and deep purple to blush pink and soft white, and are available in equally diverse sizes, but are almost always larger than your traditional flower. Their oversized nature allows them to stand alone as a minimalist bouquet or stand out from a sea of ​​greenery, wildflowers and traditional roses – or whatever your heart desires!

Here, 20 stunning king protea bouquets to make your floral dreams come true.

Photograph by Pat Furey

Ombre shades of red and pink give this proteas bridal bouquet a fiery feel.

Tamara Gruner Photography

A soft palette of white and blush creates a sweet and simple spring combo.

Photograph by June Cochran

Twin kings proteas in millennial pink peek out from vibrant orange and magenta blooms in this tropical bouquet.

Anna Delores Photography

Lush eucalyptus surrounds pastel blooms and a statement of protea flower king for summer vibes.

Leo Farrell

Rich shades of navy blue, red and purple create a serious moody romance in this bouquet of protea king.

Hannah Arista Photography

Dark meets light in this beautiful bouquet with yellow and red roses and a King Protea centerpiece

Jenn Emerling

This bouquet is beautiful in green! With a large protea of ​​kings nested among wildflowers, thistle, greenery, and some white flowers, it looks like a large flower.

Jessie Schultz Photography

Filled with wild red and green flowers, this protea bridal bouquet adds an elegant touch to bohemian beauty.

Michelle Roller

This cascading bouquet gets a little wild thanks to the juxtaposition of ferns, twigs, daisies, and king proteas.

Neima pidal

The bright, spring colors scream joy.

Alex Lasota Photography

Sometimes, less is more. Although this beautiful bouquet lacks color, it surprises in white and with fringes of green.

Anna Roussos Photography

Pastel colored flowers evoke the simplicity of love.

With love and embers

An edgy protea king and rich undertones set the stage for temperamental fall vibes.

Photograph by Catie Coyle

Sometimes, no other flowers will complete your protea king bouquet – a minimalist touch looks just as good.

Amy Anaiz Photography

Bold, bright and wedding, this vibrant bouquet takes on great flair.

Irene Fucci

Accented with fresh and sweet flowers, this bouquet of king protea looks like it was plucked straight from a garden.

Olive Study

The purple hues give this cascading bouquet a stately and ethereal feel – it’s perfect for a fairytale wedding in the woods.

Shelby Hostetler Photography

How lovely is this bouquet? Pink rose roses and astilbe accents surround a king protea centerpiece.

Zach and Rosalie

The rustic hues of the jewels create a rustic color combination that all fall wedding dreams of in this rich arrangement.

Photograph by Brooke Borough

Roses, king protea, silver dollar eucalyptus, bouillon, and dusty mill combine in a muted palette for a dreamy bouquet.

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