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20 romantic wedding lighting ideas to make you swoon
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20 romantic wedding lighting ideas to make you swoon

Adriana Marie events

Bring a burst of romance to your big day by incorporating wow-worthy light fixtures into your wedding décor. We’re sharing our favorite wedding lighting ideas to * spark * your interest – from twinkling string lights to twinkling pillar candle clusters, these wedding light decorating ideas give a whole new meaning to the term “set the mood”.

See below 20 of our favorite romantic lighting ideas for weddings.

Bay Area Event Lights

Sign of love

Let everyone know loud and clear that you have found the one with gigantic love letters in the tent!

Hallway markers

Hallway markers

Decorate your ceremony hall with candlelit lanterns to evoke a romantic and cozy atmosphere. This is one of our favorite (and easiest) wedding lighting ideas to recreate in almost any type of venue.

Cody’s Amore Events, LLC

Bistro Lights

Whether you’re getting married indoors or out, bistro lights will add instant charm and character to your gathering place. Hang them over your wedding hall area, dance floor, or reception tables to create a flickering canopy of lights.

Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Tent threads

For the ultimate wow factor, accent a reception tent with dozens of draped light cords. It will feel like you are celebrating under a sky full of stars!

Wedding Parade

Edison bulbs

Edison bulbs are a sleek, modern option if you like the modern look. Hang them vertically from the ceiling with long cables to create an industrial-inspired backdrop for your ceremony or reception.

Kama Photography

Glam lamps

Crystal chandeliers add a luxurious and dramatic twist to your wedding décor. Accompany them with elegant white ceiling curtains to create a look worthy of a fairy tale.

Silver Cove Resort


Romantic with a rustic touch! A horned chandelier looks right at home inside a barn or country wedding venue.

Professionals of Event Light

Altar of Candles

Make your wedding ceremony seem extra-intimate by surrounding the altar with groups of pillar candles and lush green accents. Traditional chandeliers take things up a notch.


Wall projection

A custom gobo is one of the best wedding lighting ideas if you are looking to add an ultra-personal element to your wedding décor. Project your initials, your wedding date, or a sweet saying, such as “Love Never Fails,” onto an empty wall or on your dance floor.

Barbara B. Covington Photography

Mason Jars

A quirky mason jar chandelier is ideal for a vintage or rustic chic wedding. We love seeing this country-style accent with a new purpose (rather than just for wedding centerpieces!).

Tony Gambino Photography


Floating luminaires create such a magical effect whether the place has a swimming pool, fountain or other water source. You will need paper lanterns, votive candles, and Styrofoam to keep them afloat!

The Event Co.

Dance floor

Gather your guests and dance the night away in front of an illuminated wall of string lights.

Photography Arden Blue

Illuminated letters

Show off your last name with an illuminated sign with dotted letters. It’s like Lite-Brite for your wedding, but better!

Lionsgate Center

Chandelier room

Why stop at just one spider when you can have dozens? This magnificent installation reminds us of the famous Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. If your gathering place does not have chandeliers already installed, look into the possibility of renting them from an event stylist or a local decorating company.

A touch of patina

Chandeliers with light brown patina look lovely if you’re looking for a shabby chic aesthetic or a French country aesthetic.

Shore Club Miami Beach


Use flashlights to illuminate the main hallways of your venue and make it easier for your guests to navigate the space after dark.

Goodstone Inn & Restaurant

Gold details

A halo of gold leaf surrounding a classic chandelier is one of the simplest and most elegant wedding lighting ideas. This opulent space is giving us Greek goddess vibes!

LVL Weddings and Events

Pendant lights

If your venue has high ceilings, accent it with an eye-catching pendant light installation. Add ghost chairs and gold metallic accents, and you’ve got the contemporary wedding space of our dreams.

Riverland Studios

Spanish moss

Spanish moss adds a southern touch to a brass spider, but a similar look can be recreated with other plants such as eucalyptus or olive leaves.

Ben B. Photography

Carp heart

How cute is this heart shaped sign? It is a perfect accent if you are looking for something simple but sweet. Place a marquee heart anywhere you need a decorative boost – above your loved one’s table, dessert bar, or your hallway.

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