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21 natural wedding hairstyles for every length
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21 natural wedding hairstyles for every length

Amy Anaiz Photography

Waves, curls, spirals, kinks or curls – natural hair texture is all the rage. Natural wedding hairstyles range from sleek, tucked hairstyles to free flowing bohemian locks. Whatever your wedding style or hair texture, there is a beautiful natural bridal hairstyle for you.

If you know you’ll be natural for your wedding, be sure to get down to business finding a hairdresser and scheduling a fitting as soon as possible.

“Try different things very early before your big day to make sure you’re getting what you want,” said Winnie Chanel of Unlimited Looks LC. “Natural hair is unique and you want your experience to be as stress-free as possible.”

Finding what you want can be challenging, so here’s some inspiration.

Check out these beautiful natural wedding hairstyles for every hair length!

Stanlo Photography

Free flowing texture

Let your hair and bohemian spirit steal the show with this natural bridal hair do. A simple twist or braid will achieve this look on longer lengths, while extensions may be the best option for shorter hair.

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Curls along the shoulders

This is one of those natural wedding hairstyles that will complement just about any wedding aesthetic. Even better, these gorgeous curls can be easily pulled from your face or set to the side later in the day.

Samantha Clarke Photography

Blown cold

This natural wedding hairstyle is easy to come by if you don’t mind a bit of heat. Natural hair is blown with a hair dryer to stretch and lay it, or, if your hair is not that long, a wig or hair extensions can give you the same appearance.

Sophia Barrett Studios

High Bun with Keys

Natural wedding hairstyles are perfect for achieving a royal, goddess look. If you don’t have locs, but you love this look, ask your stylist for fake locs to make something similar.

Burroughs | Knight Photography

Goddess Crown Braid

This regal and natural look for the bride’s hair removes all hair from your face and neck, perfect for a long day without touch-ups.

Amanda Maglione Photography

Natural Tapered Cut

A well-defined haircut that leaves a few inches more towards the crown is the key to this sleek and short natural hairstyle.

Kirstyn Marie Photography

Braided Loc d Updo

The best natural wedding hairstyles show, rather than try to hide, everything that your hair has going. This simple updo does exactly that with the bride’s strands being pulled into an updo which is then braided.

Amy Anaiz Photography

Elegant twisted crown

Do you want a natural bridal hairstyle that takes the hair out of your face, but is not hidden by the veil? Try these two side twists.

Amy Anaiz Photography

Loose fluffy curls

You don’t have to straighten your hair first to get loose curls for your wedding. Take a page from this natural bride’s book and work with your natural texture for a fluffy halo.

Stanlo Photography

Braided natural mohawk

For the bride with the freshness to spare, check out this cool variation on a crest. A chic hairstyle at first glance, ponytails are tucked into the braided bun at the top to create this natural hair wedding hairstyle.

Samantha Clarke Photography

Platinum Blonde Buzz

If you are already making a close cut, add fire with a strong shadow. With super short hair, your earrings and necklace will take center stage, so choose your bridal jewelry wisely.

Photograph by Marirosa

Defined short curls

Rock your TWA on your big day with short, defined curls. Add some wedding hair accessories, like this dainty white hat.

Sophia Barrett Studios

Sister places swept aside

If you are already growing your sisters, you will want a natural wedding hairstyle that allows them to shine. Simply sweeping them to the side and adding brooches that complement your dress is the way to go.

Sophia Barrett Studios

Set of rods in conical cut

Your stylist will likely roll your hair into small rod rollers to achieve this look. It’s a bit longer in the front than the back, making it one of the most perfect natural hairstyles for accentuating a short veil.

Amy Anaiz Photography

Golden Curly Fro

Let your wedding guests know that you didn’t come to play with this stunning honey colored afro. Perfect for locks of medium length hair, your stylist can roll out a wash and blow dry strategy on this natural look for bridal hair or install little twists.

Stanlo Photography

Regal Textured Bun

A classic bridal hairstyle that works for natural or straightened hair, a high bun works with almost all dresses, veils, and decorating styles.

Amy Anaiz Photography

Blonde Tapered Curls

Show off a great tapered cut and ombre color with one of the most chic natural wedding hairstyles. This style also works just as well for brides who wear a veil as it does for those who don’t.

Stanlo Photography

Low texture bun

Minimalist but not lacking in style, a low bun that shows off your texture is a hassle-free route to beauty on your wedding day.

Samantha Clarke Photography

Top assembled with clips

If you are rocking twists, coils, curls, or waves, this is one of those natural wedding hairstyles that really shows off what you have. Easily add vintage clips, heirlooms, or just really cute clips to the side.

Samantha Clarke Photography

Sleek Textured Braid

Show your wedding stylist this gorgeous look if you want a detailed, natural wedding hairstyle that doesn’t require you to straighten your hair beforehand. A futuristic gold crown is the perfect accessory to kick it off, too.

Sophia Barrett Studios

Twisted Mohawk with Cornrows

This double-duty pulls royal braided style: a perfect natural wedding hairstyle that will last well on a beachy honeymoon.

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