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6 mistakes to avoid in sister’s wedding speech

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You have been informed, on D-Day, that your brother or sister wants you to say a few words about their happy event. Have you already found the evening dress that you will wear on the big day and the wedding hairstyle for guests that will fit you perfectly? Do not stop in such a good way! After the mayor’s wedding speech, it will be your turn to speak. However, you know that coming up with ideas for speeches can be more tedious than expected. We will give you tips to avoid some mistakes. For his pencils!

1. Don’t think of yourself as the star of the celebration

It would be a shame if you stole the limelight from your brother or sister on the most important day of their life by giving a humorous wedding speech that everyone would remember more than the wedding itself. Congratulate them, congratulate them on this new union, but avoid talking only about yourself or a topic that has nothing to do with marriage or the happily married.

2. Don’t improvise too much!

We advise you to arrive on your wedding day with a prepared speech. Imagine the situation, you go on stage, you panic and no words come out of your mouth. To avoid this accident, write a daily memory of your childhood or the strong moments that unite you, and then develop your speaking skills around these axes. You can also find an example of a wedding speech, but if you don’t personalize it correctly, this moment can lose its charm.

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3. Avoid excessively long speeches

On the contrary, you do not have the white page syndrome. You want to share many memories that you have with your brother or sister, make a real statement to him or her and that is why your speech is 10 pages long. Remember that you are not the only one making a speech, avoid monopolizing the floor. Stick to the main point, get to the point.

4. Avoid too much champagne glass

If you deliver your brotherly love text at dinner time, it would be unfortunate if at the fateful moment you realized that you have abused the bar too much. All eyes will be on you. Don’t risk getting your cocktail dress dirty, making an average speech, and ruining the atmosphere. We recommend that you get into the water 1 hour before your speech.

5. Don’t ask your family for advice

Because a second reading is always better than writing your speech alone, do not hesitate to put one of your loved ones in the trust of this original wedding gift that you are giving to your family. Someone who can help you correct any mistakes or advise you on how to improve parts of your text, think about it!

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6. Don’t abuse humor!

You are a fun person and take advantage of great opportunities to let go of your humor. It is an advantage. Just as a sister to the bride or groom, you should be a serious minimum. This does not mean completely eradicating jokes or funny anecdotes from your humorous wedding speech, but rather using them in a moderate way.

As you may have understood, writing a wedding speech is not an easy task. However, as a sister, you can surely find the right words and poignant phrases about marriage without doing too much. Once this mission is accomplished, just think about enjoying this special day and who knows, maybe take the wedding bouquet if you want to be the next to get married.

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