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8 personalized wedding favor ideas for every style
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8 personalized wedding favor ideas for every style

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When it comes to your wedding favors, there are several ways to add a personalized touch. Your wedding favors should reflect the theme or style of your wedding (for example, sunglasses for a beach wedding or a black set for a fall celebration) or incorporate your interests as a couple. Think about what makes you and your wedding unique and translate it into fun (and hopefully useful!) Articles for your guests. Get inspired by the season, destination and theme of your wedding to create personalized gifts that are unique for your wedding day.

These personalized ideas will make your wedding even more memorable.

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If you are going to have a wedding at the destination….

One of the benefits of hosting a destination wedding is that you and your guests have the opportunity to experience a different culture, and trying new foods and beverages is no exception. Consider gifting your guests small bottles of a local spirit or wine: limoncello in Italy or bourbon in Kentucky. Your guests will be able to take part in your wedding venue with them, and they will think of you every time they enjoy a drink!

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If you love your pet….

For dog lovers, these personalized favors are for you! We are seeing couples including their pets in their marriage proposal, wedding photos, and even on the big day. These gift bags for dogs are thoughtful and adorable.

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If you are getting married outside …

For fall and winter weddings when the nights get chilly, consider gifting blankets or shawls. They can be customized on a significant budget and fit perfectly into your color scheme. Not only will your guests thank you for thinking about them, but they will use them long after your celebration.

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If you are a couple who live outdoors….

Giving away flower, vegetable or plant seeds is something that suits your interests and is functional. While some favors may remain intact after the wedding day, they are likely to be put to good use, and they are also great for the environment.

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If you like to bake …

For couples who love to cook together, this favor is as unique as can be. Cookie cutters come in any shape (again, tailor this to something you like!), And they’re the perfect way to show off your interests. For example, lobster cutters if you are getting married on the New England coast, snowflakes if you are getting married in winter, or cowboy hats and boots if you are getting married in the South.

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If you are going to get married on the beach….

There is nothing more appropriate for a beach wedding than a pair of flip flops. Especially when it comes to sand and night dancing, guests may need an alternative pair of shoes. Try to provide flip flops that are neutral in color, so your guests can wear them long after their big day.

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If you are getting married in the fall….

There’s nothing that screams more than a kit of smiles, and your guests will love this sweet favor idea. Don’t forget to get creative with decorative packaging and a personalized label!

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