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8 popular seating styles for wedding reception
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8 popular seating styles for wedding reception

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Choosing your reception seating style is definitely one of the most difficult tasks in wedding planning. From trying to accommodate all of your guests to creating the perfect setting, it can be difficult to decide whether you want an intimate or luxurious dining experience. Trying to decide how your reception tables should be planned?

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Round table arrangements

Couples who want a classic reception style should consider sitting at a round table. This option works best in ballrooms or banquet rooms and is probably the easiest seating style to achieve.

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Rectangular dining tables

This style is ideal for couples looking for an intimate reception with a larger number of guests. Guests can sit at a family-style table and enjoy the same personal dining experience.

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Mix & Match

Can’t decide between round or family-style seats? Opt for both instead! The mix and style of match reception seating is perfect for a larger guest count and for couples who still want a traditional aesthetic wedding day.

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Lounge seating

Perfect if you’re opting for a formal dinner, lounge-style seating allows guests to mingle and mingle during the reception. Guests will love the laid-back vibe of your reception with this style, too.

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This reception seating option is ideal for couples wanting a bohemian or whimsical relationship. The snake-shaped design works best outdoors and is a great way to get everyone to sit at the same table.

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Square seat

Similar to round seats, this option works best for traditional wedding styles. Square tables also offer plenty of room for guests’ arms, as well as more room for larger centerpieces.

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U-shaped or horseshoe-shaped is a modern seating style that is ideal for indoor and outdoor receptions. Just have the head table connect the two parallel tables to create this fun and unique seat.

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Family style

If you are looking for a seating style that has everyone at one table together, then definitely choose family style seating. Everyone can sit down and celebrate together. This option is also ideal if you have a more casual style of service.

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