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Perfumed Spray Jenipa LOccitane au Bresil – pure freshness

Scented Spray Jenipa LOccitane au Bresil! Colony of genipap ?? By the way, do you know genipap?

Jenipapo is a fruit, known in several regions of the Northeast, I don’t know if it is found in other regions, if you have it in your comments, ok?

The genipap juice and liquor are very good. It is a fruit that I grew up consuming, as well as sapodilla and apricot, which you may not have heard of yet.

If there is something that is striking about this fruit is its aroma, I remember that the smell of ripe and juicy fruit filled the room.

But, today I want to introduce you to scented Jenipá spray from L’Occitane au Brésil Body Jams line, in fact even if you are not familiar with the fruit, it is worth knowing.

L’Occitane au Brésil, the national arm of the French L’Occitane, whose main objective is to bring the diversity of our flora to perfumery and personal care products, is fulfilling its role with a lot of category.

If you follow the QF, you have certainly read several reviews of the brand’s products, because I really identified myself and have been consuming a lot.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, I don’t have a partnership, nor do I receive the brand’s products, but I share them, because I really like everything I’ve been using.

If you come to my house today, you will find several products, especially colonies, as part of my care routine.

Several smells of L’Occitane au Brésil have conquered a place in my beauty corner.

As I love pefumes, at this moment that I am more at home, my preference has been for the freshest fragrances, they may even be sweet, however lightness and that feeling of cleanliness and comfort are paramount.

And that L’Occitane au Brésil and its lines have provided me.

Scented Spray Jenipa LOccitane au Bresil

  Jenipá L'Occitane au Bresil

THE perfumed spray Jenipa LOccitane au Bresil, is a body splash, it is part of the Compotas Corporais line, inspired by Brazilian sweets.

In addition to Jenipá, Body Jams still has scented coconut spray (see review here) it’s from Pomegranate.

The perfumed spray comes in a glass bottle, whose visual identity is signed by Olivier Baussan and Renata Moura, presenting simplicity and elegance, a characteristic present in the brand’s DNA.

The packaging contains 200 ml and costs R $ 69.90, I think it’s a fair value for the quantity and quality of the product.

The olfactory path of scented spray Jenipá a fresh and feminine fruity floral, very comfortable! 😍.

The notes of genipap, velvety peach, vetiver and musk, guarantee a lightness and freshness to this body splash, making it very pleasant and perfect for day to day, after bath and summer.


  • Head – fruits and genipap
  • Body – peach
  • Base – vetiver and musk

Jenipá L'Occitane au Brésil Body Spray

# Projection and Fixation

As soon as the Jenipá perfumed spray is sprayed, it is a fresh and citrus aroma that takes over the environment, however this effect is not prolonged.

Since it quickly softens and settles, so its projection is flares, I can say that on my skin it is a breath, something there for 10/15 minutes.

When it comes to fixation, I could see that it is low, it stays at most an hour. For those looking for the duration proposal, they will probably be frustrated.

However, for me, that I have used daily at home, as a post bath, it has been of good size, because when I want more, I go there in the bottle and give some more sprays.

Although, I would like it to last and project for a longer time, because the smell is wonderful, for the purpose I intended it has been quite satisfactory.

Especially because both my husband and I have rhinitis and at home we cannot, nor do we like to use anything that is stronger, at home, as it can be annoying.

Body Splash Jenipa LOccitane au Bresil


The Jenipá colony has a very good smell, one of those impossible to get sick, I was completely in love with its freshness.

And although its fixation and projection on my skin are low, the fragrance definitely won me over and for my purpose, which is to use at home, it fits very well.

It’s very tasty and non-invasive.

However, if at any time L’Occitane au Brésil wants to reformulate and can add more projection and duration, ours will be wonderful news, as it will only add more personality to this delicious spray, which can accompany us for even longer.

In fact, here is another great option for those who have rhinitis and problems with strong, sweet smells.

Another tip from a friend, the juice and liqueur of genipap are very good, if you have the opportunity, try it.

Were you curious to smell this cologne? Are there any fruit scents that you like and recommend?


If you still don’t know the products of L’Occitane au Brésil, there are several reviews here on QF.

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# Perfumes

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Anyway, to get to know other perfumes, visit Smell good !




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