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New Year’s Eve 2021 – many looks ideas to use in the turn

THE new year 2021 is coming, yes few days left!

Certainly, in the face of everything we are seeing, it will be the most different turn that we have been through.

After all, we are in the middle of a pandemic, more than 9 months have passed, but the virus is still strong, so those measures already known, distance, do not crowd, use a mask, alcohol gel, just get out when necessary, need to continue to be respected.

Even though, what we have seen is that for some reason, many people are no longer caring and maintaining irresponsible behavior, totally without empathy and leading their lives as if absolutely nothing is happening.

What amazes me a lot and I swear I really can’t understand, since, day by day we see alarming numbers of the increase in cases and deaths, families torn apart by the loss of their loved ones and others, many others fighting for their lives, or even trying to rehabilitate the sequelae left by the disease.

But, anyway, the end of the year has come and regardless of everything we’ve been through, we will receive the year that is coming loaded with the hope of better days, right?

The vaccine that was once so distant is already a reality for some, which in this panorama, is great news.

We will not be hypocrites, thinking that 2021 will be easy, however we believe it will be better than this one that is ending.

It won’t be easy, but we’ll make it!

Therefore, we continue to be imbued with positivity and with all the teaching that 2020 has brought us and full of certainty that in an hour all this will be passed, in fact this is the biggest lesson that the powerful “time” has always made clear to us.

The pain, the fear, will still exist, however we will have the closest one to support us, to be close, to visit, to embrace, to kiss, without restrictions, contact that we miss so much in 2020.

However, now I ask you …

How will you pass the turn? Have you chosen your look? Still in the comfy vibe?

New Year’s Eve 2021 – look ideas to use in the turn

I believe that many will spend New Year’s Eve 2021 with that family nucleus that already lives in the day, after all the vast majority do not want to expose themselves or expose theirs to the dangers of Covid 19.

There is undeniably that portion of people who will try to maintain the tradition of entering the year in white or with the color of what they want to attract.

However, we already know that there are those who have adopted the comfy footprint, one of the great fashion highlights of 2020, and will remain with it for the turn.

I need to confess that I didn’t do that mega production for Christmas, I put on the kitten pajamas, a gift from her husband. Just like many people I have seen on social media.


pajamaslook comfy pajamasRocky Barnes

And although there are only a few days left to end the year, I haven’t decided on my new look yet, but keep in mind a light and comfortable floral dress, which I got for Christmas or who knows, pajamas!

But of course that can change!

So I decided to make a post with ideas for looks for the turn, if you find yourself with doubts, like me, can be inspired.

It’s been a difficult year for everyone in every way, including economically, so don’t feel pressured by the tradition of using a new look for the turnaround.

In fact, I confess that I always thought this was silly, clothes were made to be used, repeated yes and not used only once and discarded, image sold on social media outside of those who live on sponsorships or loans, etc.

The important thing is to use what makes you feel good, brings you good energy, makes you vibrate with self-confidence, positivity and joy.

So friend, check your wardrobe, choose those pieces that leave you radiating beauty and life and you will be happy, to attract even more happiness in 2021.

Sorry, if I wrote a lot, but there is a lot of stuff in here, causing turbulence and when I realize it’s gone and I’m not going to delete it, ok?

But, let’s propose the post looks to use in the turn!

1 – White

White is tradition, in addition to being versatile and most people have pieces in color, so it opens up inspirations.

As we are in the middle of summer and pandemic, the three words of the time are lightness, freshness and comfort.

So, I separated three white dresses, looks from Vanessa Hudgens, although they are very beautiful the proposal is quite different, then you have a parameter and see which one fits your style.

looks to wear in the new year 2021

This combo is here to stay, dressed in white with sneakers.

The long white lace, with thin straps complemented by the flat shoes, descends from the heel, but does not lose its elegance.

For that proposal but glam, there is white in guipir lace, with applications and large bows on the shoulders, this one is sophisticated, yet at the same time it has a romantic beach vibe.

In fact, lately I have seen many dresses with this lace detail on the shoulders, I think it’s cool and romantic.

Silvia Braz

Tennille Murphy (@thetennillelife_)

The flowing dress with heels, if you want a tidier production or the knotted tank top, white skirt and flip flops, casual, but ready for the new year.

Certainly any of these pieces you must have!

# Trousers

white look with pants to wear at the turnJu Romano

As Ju Romano shows us, white is democratic, and to use it, it is enough to want.

Grece Ghanem

The double shirt and white pants is infallible, and the high waist baggy makes the look super current.

Suzi Rejano

Suzi teaches a class of simplicity and elegance with the production of the off white shirt and the pants in champagne silk.


One piece and two productions, which one is more like you? White pants or jeans shorts?

# Shorts

godé shorts@maja_miletic

The controversial shorts godê appears as a good suggestion for the llok of the turn, have one there, take advantage and put it to play.

Looks with sequins to use in the turn

How about combining that white t-shirt with your sequin piece? I guarantee you the result will be very fashionista!

new year lookEllie (@slipintostyle)

New Year 2021 – Colors

So, do you want to escape from white and throw yourself into the world of colors?

We selected several options, but we gave priority to those more vibrant and cheerful, even neon.

Although, you will also find, a little bit of metallic and more neutral tones.

However, what matters less is that you invest in pieces that you already have to compose your look, that rule of mixing and multiplying the productions.

Well, look at the outfits and then check that in your wardrobe, of course, if you don’t intend to spend or buy something, ask for express delivery and pray to get there soon!

# Pink

looks to wear at the turn Lalá Noleto

This pink set by Lalá Noleto is passionate, the cropped one with the long skirt with high waist, receives the flat shoes for a perfect production, without defects. He’s ByNV.

Thássia Naves

Following the same footprint, comes the pink dress that Thássia Naves wears, whose high-topped all-star, in the same color, is complementary, in addition to being finished off by the ball belt.

# Candy Color

Micah Gianneli

A delicate and very feminine look is the proposal of Micah’s look, with the candy color dress.
# Blue

Thássia Naves

The freshness of the outside shoulders combines with the lightness of the ruffles, in this beautiful blue dress, on the feet the metallic flat shoes add charm to the look.



Lilac, the color of tranquility, makes this set of satin top and pants amazing.

# Yellow

looks to wear at the turnDani Noce

The jumpsuit is a piece that has returned and ensured a captive place in the women’s wardrobe, a unique piece that makes life easier.

The choice of this yellow, of prosperity and wealth, by Dani Noce leaves a perfect option to be the look to use in the turn.

yellow dress to wear for new yearSilvia Braz

# Neon green

neon green to use at the turn@natsemensin

neon lookMicah Gianneli

A lot of energy and hope comes along with the neon green outfits.

# Orange

oxy fire dressJu Romano

Contrary to popular belief, this reddish orange, oxy fire is a super trend, the face of summer and an explosion of energy, everything that the turn calls for.

# Red

Ju Romano

Red the color of love and passion, you can bet without fear!

# Golden

Tennille Murphy (@thetennillelife_)

Golden slipdress, the lightness that the season calls for. If you stay at home, the rasteira is a good size, however you want to bring a more glam look, if you throw in the jump.

Color block or prints

green and white look@natsemensin

Undeniably, green and white match and it is a hit!

floral print on new yearSilvia Braz

For those who do not know which color to choose to use in the turn, it is worth betting on the color block or the prints.

looks to wear at the turnEllie (@slipintostyle)

White top with printed ruffled skirt.

Ellie (@slipintostyle)

Colorful striped sequin set. Show!

Ellie (@slipintostyle)

Bold print and look not obvious for those who want to unleash their creativity. nothing better than being you and expressing your personality.

looks to turnEllie (@slipintostyle)

Mix of prints is everything, if you like it, go for it!

Anyway, with so many possibilities, I can conclude that, it is clearer than ever, use what you want, what makes you feel good.

What we really need to consider is to start the year with good vibes, positive energy and a lot of hope!

I hope you enjoy the tips and have a great New Year!

Happy 2021!




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