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10 hairstyles that will set trends in 2021
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▷ 🥇 10 hairstyles that will set trends in 2021


During the BBFW week, many houses made us dream of their wedding dresses for 2021. Divine evening dresses and cocktails for the guests and many models of wedding dresses for the protagonist of the big day. In addition to spectacular dresses, the designers invited us to discover the latest trends in wedding hairstyles for the coming year.

Sage and soft, natural curl, afro curl, simplicity and extravagance in accessories, there is something for everyone. Discover 10 hairstyles that will set the trend in 2021 to inspire you and find the one that best suits your style.

1. XXL flowers for a romantic look

Reem acra

The flower crowns have not had their last word! Already in fashion last year, they come into force again to give a fresh and natural air. The flowers are more or less large, of different sizes to flirt between the wild and the passionate side.

Combine the bouquet of your country with your hairstyle, a floating veil to accentuate your romantic look and 3D floral motifs that will give you shape and relief. The crown is worn in the front to allow some flowers to escape from the forehead and illuminate the face.

2. Loose hair combed / destroyed

Pronovias Workshop

If you are looking for a wedding hairstyle for long hair that radiates naturalness by mixing simple and discreet accessories, discover those that accompany the models from the Pronovias workshop. The famous house has chosen to let the models’ hair float by “dressing” them only with fabric petals that give the outfit a touch of lightness and originality.

An easy-to-style wedding hairstyle that requires no hours of prep, blow-dry without brushing, a few wicks of curling iron to redefine your natural curls, and voila! A “favorite” trend for photographers as it allows them to leave their hair moving, fluttering in the wind.

3. Low ponytail, soft and elegant

Carlo Pignatelli

Do you want a sophisticated look without being over the top? The low ponytail is made for you. For this simple wedding hairstyle, all you have to do is draw your part in the center and plaster your hair on each side once you have it straightened.

Tie your hair with a shiny hair clip or with a feather-decorated elastic band like in the Carlo Pignatelli show.

4. Hairdressing from medium to height

Immaculate Garcia

The half tail or half tail will always be in fashion in 2021, the Immaculate has returned to visit it and has played with originality by proposing in its parade of goddesses inspired by Mayan mythology, high relief hairstyles that offer power and character.

Feel free to reinvent it in your own way, like here where the strands are wrapped in large pearls to enhance and sublimate the bridal gowns. An empire or A-line wedding dress dotted with pearl and rhinestone details will divinely accompany this hairstyle to reveal your inner goddess.

5. Sideways hair and wise curls

Maggie sottero

Decidedly, your hair will be revealed and released for this year 2021 in order to express all the natural beauty of your hair. The curls are in the center of attention and are defined naturally, the part is drawn on the side and the hair is held by a bar at the top of the forehead to highlight the face.

The strands are naturally brought back to one side called side hair so that it falls over the shoulder. Appropriate for this vintage look from the 30s that is often back in style in hairstyle and adapted, straightening or parting the hair, go for a wise look

6. Queen Tiar for an imperial look

Matilde Cano

You are going to be the queen for a day, for your big day, so dare to wear an imperial look like the models in Matilde Cano’s parade. Let it shine and show, stone encrusted headbands come to illuminate hair in a gorgeous style from another time.

Have you chosen a wedding theme from the Middle Ages? Claim your style with a look of character that will be unlike any other.

7. The red carpet is still glamorous

Rembo style

If you are a modern woman and you like square and structured things, you will love this hairstyle proposal, the red carpet. It involves drawing the line in the center, straightening and styling the hair with a slicked back so that the ears appear.

Then it will be enough that you bring some more or less large, discreet or striking accessories to give color to your look. You can play with earrings, necklaces or colored makeup to reaffirm your personality. This star look can be tailored to your style, bun, loose hair, revealing your glamorous side.

8. Diaper hair, back to the natural curly afro


If you have the characteristic of having frizzy hair, don’t relax it and highlight your origins by surfing the wave of “diaper hair”. It is simply a matter of creating a natural afro hairstyle by letting your curls express themselves.

Add to your beauty look a nice wedding makeup accentuating your cheekbones and dress up with beautiful gold earrings.

9. Large headband from the 80’s


Do you like the world of disco and have you chosen an original wedding theme with a return to the 80s? Show the color by wearing a wide white headband or more striking for those who dare, play with other accessories such as earrings or bracelets that you will wear oversized and colorful.

Of course, your dress must be in harmony, mark your waist and exaggerate forms such as swollen and structured shoulders or excessive knots.

10. An oversized hat


For 2021, we are wearing the hat in exaggerated proportions with very wide brims. It is chosen in cloth or straw in an enlarged shape that can be folded and folded as desired around the head.

Then you can wear your hair down and protect your beautiful makeup from the sun’s rays on D-Day. Practical, trendy and stylish, you couldn’t ask for more for the most beautiful day of your life!

So what will your look be for the big day? These few hairstyle ideas will inspire you, but it’s still great to try with your hairdresser. After finding the perfect wedding dress, think about accessories and jewelry that will have to be in harmony with the ensemble to enhance your outfit. The secret? Stay fashionable while being yourself!

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