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12 Romantic Engagement Rings for Your Happily Ever After
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▷ 🥇 12 Romantic Engagement Rings for Your Happily Ever After Moment

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Your wedding day will be one of the most romantic days of your life, but before you can have the end of your storybook, it all starts with a stunning engagement ring. These romantic engagement rings were made for dreamy brides – those who have been called desperate romantics and who can’t help but be swept away by visions of fairytale romances and happily ever after. From rose gold accented rings to styles inspired by old-fashioned love stories, these sparklers are the stuff of dreams.

See our favorite romantic engagement rings below.

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Emerald cut with accent stones

The emerald cut is a classic pick when it comes to romantic engagement rings, but accent stones in a triangle shape complete the look.

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Three stone oval cut

Hi Sparkler! For the bride who wants everyone to know that she is happily taken, we can’t think of anything more perfect than a three-stone ring to stop the show.

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Pear cut with halo

Pear cut engagement rings are all the rage, but with a few tweaks, they can also be super romantic. We love how this ring has a delicate gold setting and a halo with stones of different sizes to enhance the pear shape.

Photograph by Kristy Roderick

Morganite Cushion-Cut Ring

We couldn’t talk about romantic engagement rings without talking about Morganite rings! This pink stone is not a diamond, but a gemstone that is similar to emeralds and aquamarines. Colors range from blush to deep salmon pink. Morganite is quite a rare stone, which makes it an excellent choice to symbolize your true love.

Photograph by Dani Cowan

Old style setting

An old fashioned inspired ring is perfect for anyone who loves old fashioned romances. We imagine that the bride who rocks this type of romantic engagement ring is a fan of vintage pieces, such as Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey , Y Atonement .

Photograph by Morgan Marie

Three Stone Ring with Halo

This is another option if you like the idea of ​​a three stone engagement ring. Instead of each stone having an individual halo, they are surrounded by a larger halo to create a conglomerate effect. This type of ring is ideal if you want to personalize a matching wedding ring to create a ring set.

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Oval cut with rose gold band

A little rose gold makes everything more romantic. An example: this stunning oval cut peach sapphire engagement ring (that’s right, not all of them are blue!). An infinite band of pavé adds the perfect touch of sparkle.

Abigail malone

Pear cut with double band

If you’re looking for a non-traditional, romantic engagement ring, opt for a double-banded pear stone. The pink stone and the gold setting are a romantic match made in heaven.

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Horizontal oval cut with rose gold setting

Flip an oval cut stone on its side for a unique take on this romantic engagement ring trend. Complete the ring with a rose gold setting for a fairytale vibe.

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Gold Cut Emerald Solitaire

Although yellow gold is not as popular as platinum and white gold, we think it is just as beautiful. The proof is in this elegant emerald cut ring with a gold pavé infinity band – radiating romance and timeless sophistication.

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Solitaire Princess Cut

“Romantic” doesn’t have to mean choosing a ring that is over the top. For brides looking for romantic engagement rings that are on the low-key side, solitaire styles are always winners.

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Round Cut With Halo Cushion

This is another option that combines classic and romantic styles of engagement rings. A round cut halo ring will never go out of style, and it looks great with all metals, whether you choose rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, or white gold.

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