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15 ways to show your love for mom on
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▷ 🥇 15 ways to show your love for mom on your wedding day

Photo: Alena Bakutis Photography

Mother’s Day is only one day a year – so why not spread the love by honoring your mom at your wedding, too! There are many ways to include mom in your wedding (and ways to honor her at your wedding, too), with big and small gestures.

Here are some special ways to include Mom in your wedding and show her a little love.

Give him a gift

It doesn’t have to be something big – a handwritten note on pretty paper, an embroidered handkerchief with a personal message, or a nice frame with a sentimental photo – but it’s a good idea to show your appreciation on your wedding day with a gift. for your mom. Answer our questionnaire and find out what thank you gift you should give your parents.

Let it prepare with you

Your mom will be honored to spend those last moments before the wedding with you. She will be able to calm those nerves, help you get dressed, and provide you with some last-minute words of wisdom.

Wear her veil

Wearing your mother’s wedding dress is a big commitment – and it suits your style. Instead, wear the veil during the ceremony. It’s a beautiful touch that adds a vintage touch to your wedding day look.

Bring a special bouquet

There are several ways to incorporate your mom into your bouquet. Incorporate your favorite flower into the arrangement, use lace from your wedding dress to wrap around the handle, or use one of your brooches as an additional embellishment. If your mother has passed away, attach a medallion with her photograph inside to the handle of your bouquet for a sweet and sentimental gesture.

Photo: Tyler Boye Photography

Wear your jewelry

For your “borrowed thing,” put on a pair of your mother’s earrings or a bracelet you’ve always admired. Don’t raid their jewelry box without asking first, but they’ll most likely loan you a piece for your big day.

Give him some flowers

Even though it’s your big day, your mom should also stand out. Give your mom (and all the important women in your life) a special wrist corsage or nose corsage to wear or carry with her.

Thank him publicly

Giving him a gift is one thing, but take it a step further by showing your gratitude at the actual event. Write a personal note on your ceremony schedule, make a short thank you speech at the end of the reception (use our handy wedding thank you guide), or dedicate a special song to it. We also like when brides give their mother her bouquet at the end of the night.

Save her a seat

Usually mothers have reserved seats in the front row of the ceremony – create a sweet sign to show your saved seat. If your mother has passed away, you can place her favorite photograph or flower on a chair in the front row to reflect her presence.

Ask him to walk you down the aisle

Yes, tradition says that the father of the bride escorts the bride to the altar. But we think you should do what feels right to you. So if you want your mother to walk you down the aisle, go ahead! Or maybe both parents join you. Base your decision on what works best for you and your family situation.

Photo: Mandy Owens Wedding Photography

Take a photo like this

We adore images like the one above that show three generations of women. Be sure to take a moment to pose for some special photos with the important women in your life.

Show your wedding photo

We love this idea. Decorate a corner of your reception with photos of the family wedding – parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. Your guests will love taking a trip down memory lane.

Let her help you

Your mom may enjoy contributing to your wedding by working on her own project. We’ve seen moms handwrite signs, jellies, or dips to give as favors, or even help seal and seal invitation envelopes. Do not force your mother to participate in a project, but if she is willing to help, let her.

Use your cake topper

A fun way to celebrate your parents is by using their cake topper in your wedding setup. If it doesn’t suit your style, display the topper near your cake rather than on it.

Celebrate your kitchen

Is there a special dish that your mom makes that your family loves? If it’s not a family secret, share the recipe with your food provider and ask them to incorporate your plate into your wedding meal. Or, bake some of your famous cookies or other treats to be your favorites.

Perform a special dance

The mother-son dance is a sweet reception tradition. Work together to choose a song that is meaningful to both boyfriend and mom (check out some of our favorite songs here). And don’t be constrained by tradition – we’ve seen several brides dance with their moms to a special song at the reception, too!

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