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25 ideas for a wedding decoration on the theme
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▷ 🥇 25 ideas for a wedding decoration on the theme of the sea

You are one of the newlyweds who wants to organize your wedding by the sea at all costs. You can already imagine yourself in a beautiful wedding dress walking the sandbars with your half, sipping your cocktail near the beach and celebrating a sunny engagement ceremony. Grant your wishes by choosing the right date, a reception location near the sea, and a wedding theme that suits your wishes. Since marine decorations make you dream, we advise you on the best wedding decoration for your D-day.

Blue and warm colors

The colors that should dominate your iodized atmosphere are, of course, the tones related to the sea. White and blue, it is the winning bet for your salty wedding. Navy blue will be your ally for an authentic and chic result. Although all shades of blue can give a beautiful look to your decorations, this blue is a trend that returns every year, whether it is for the decoration of the wedding room, cocktail dresses for the guests or even the blue wedding dress. of the husband.

Combine this color with white to match foam or beige to recall sandy expanses and accentuate contrasts. And if you’re still digging through the seascape palette, think a bit of pebble gray. Lastly, for a wedding setting as bright as summer, add warm colored tips like pale yellow, mandarin orange, or nasturtium red.

Rustic materials for a beach atmosphere

As for the materials of the facilities that you will place in the place of your D-day, sand, wood, glass, shells, ropes, the slate will allow you to create all kinds of rustic and chic decorations. Forgo country in favor of the breeze without losing the spirit of authenticity inherent in your original wedding theme.

Invite all the shapes and objects that echo the sea to your celebration. At cocktail hour, set up a drink or oyster boat next to the bar. In another guest corner, place shells and a pen for an original wedding guest book on a table.

If you are preparing a meal in a seated setting, you will also want to think of a beautiful wedding table decoration on the theme of the sea. Replace the flowers with fishing nets and starfish as centerpieces. A glass bottle half full of sand where you can slide an original rolled wedding menu will also look great.

You entered the director. Now, you still have to find a number of original ideas to recreate the aroma of the sea that you want to attribute to your big day.

Accessories for the reception and ceremony

Look for sea trinkets in Christmas souvenir shops or decoration stores to decorate each element of the banquet and ceremony.

  • Go fishing for the most beautiful seafood on the beaches where you stay. As adults and children, you will always find them useful to fill transparent vases or to create your wedding ring.
  • Bingo! Did you collect dried starfish? Hang them on your seating chart.
  • Tie the laces with a sailor knot around your guests’ towels.
  • Replace ceiling hangings with nets where you can hang fish-shaped accessories or pretty white fabrics with navy blue stripes. This decorative idea applies both to the banquet hall and to the composition of its ceremonial arch.

What are you missing now? A beautiful sand ritual for the ceremony, a seal with an anchor or a fish motif for your wedding invitation, paper boat garlands, a bridal bouquet to match the dominant colors of your special day…. You’re almost here! Your beach wedding can be a great success if you submit your good ideas on the theme of the sea!

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