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30 wedding dresses to see life in pink
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▷ 🥇 30 wedding dresses to see life in pink

Whether you’ve been thinking about it since you were a child, or the idea has come to your mind with meeting the partner of your life, your union should be like you. Entertaining wedding games, poems that are dear to you, the wedding bouquet made from your favorite flowers, you are happy to think about every detail. The choice of the wedding dress, essential, is also the opportunity to fulfill your wishes, and it does not matter if they are not the most classic. So a pink dress might as well dethrone the white in your heart thanks to our inspiring slideshow.

Why white?

In our Western societies, young girls’ wedding dresses have not always been immaculate. Before Queen Victoria, the English sovereign, decided to start this tradition in 1840, the dresses were quite red, the color of love, on the wedding day. White was even frowned upon for a wedding, as it is often associated with funerals.

Returning to the grace of the mid-nineteenth century, white dresses were associated with an ideal of innocence and purity, knowing that the girl had to arrive as a virgin on the wedding day.

Today, more and more future wives are choosing to break free from this imperative of white by choosing a red, white with burgundy yokes, or black wedding dress. As for pink, which is more in tune with the cocktail dresses worn by bridesmaids, little by little it is making its way into the bride’s wardrobe.

A nude pink dress

Adorable in a lace or retro wedding dress, the nude, this shade that ranges from pale pink to beige, is seriously competing with white for fashionable brides.

In nude pink dresses, there is an evident romanticism, especially when worn with delicate accessories, such as roses in her hair or a set of diamonds.

A pastel pink dress

More babydoll, but also more haute couture, a pastel pink dress, basket pink or even bubble gum pink will be ideal for original wedding photos. Discover the woman-child within you with a corollary dress.

Take advantage of your fashion sense to arrive at the city hall in a pink dress with large ruffles, like the one Lily-Rose Depp wears at the end of the Chanel spring-summer 2021 fashion show. For makeup, focus here on a fresh complexion, and understated beauty in the eyes.

A striking pink dress

Your wedding is more than ever an opportunity to show your personality. Do you see life in color and do you want it to sit in your wedding dress? So dare to wear the striking pink dress. A way of assuming your originality, immediately injecting a dose of good humor into your ceremony.

Various styles are available to you with such an open tone: cross straps and skating skirt for the pop version, fuller wedding dress and tulle petticoat for the fairy tale princess version.

A colorful dress is a great way to add personality to your marriage, if you are looking for a wedding that is off the beaten track. Also consider hosting wedding events that involve all the guests, or imagining creative invitations. So many small details that will make your original wedding an unforgettable ceremony for all your guests.

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