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▷ 🥇 7 good ideas to liven up your wine of honor

Anaïs Armelle Guiraud

Family and friends are the most important things in your life. This is how you have sent many wedding invitations so that your loved ones will be present by your side again. To please them, they have created a magnificent wedding decoration to enhance their reception area. Food, small gifts and wedding games will also be on the program to give each one an absolutely unique experience.

To receive your loved ones in the best possible way, starting with the wine of honor, we offer you 7 entertainment ideas for your wedding that will only enhance your reception.

1. Live music

There is nothing like musicians to warm up the atmosphere of your cocktail party. Songs performed live are becoming more and more poignant and music lovers will appreciate this closeness to the performers.

Whether you choose a solo singer, jazz band, or rock duo, live music can only add to your reception.

The Beach Screen

2. A circus act

Are you an original couple and do you want to show it? So why not go for an artistic performance for your wine of honor? Your loved ones will inevitably be surprised to see a circus show begin before their eyes.

If this practice is not your preference, you can also bring dancers, actors or other artists for an extraordinary private performance.

3. Culinary entertainment

Kill two birds with one stone by offering one or more food stalls that also serve as wedding entertainment! Some preparations are a real show.

This might be the case with a sushi stand, a griddle, a pizzaïolo in your food truck, a cocktail bar with waiters, or an oyster stand open and prepared in front of your guests. It is up to you to adapt the idea to your tastes.

Vincent Hourcq

4. Life-size board games

Because honored wine should remain a festive and dynamic moment and you don’t want your guests to start sleeping, wake up the classic board games with this amazing wedding game idea.

It is a question here of proposing a life-size version of the dominoes, the games of checkers, power 4, the yellow dwarf and why not even the monopoly where your loved ones will be the pawns themselves!

5. A regional sport demonstration

If you live or celebrate your wedding in a region with beautiful local traditions, feel free to honor them with your cocktail.

Entertain your guests by inviting them to attend a demonstration of a regional sport, be it traditional Breton games, Provençal petanque, Basque pelota or even bowling with a Gers mallet. You will inevitably find a sports or cultural practice to promote on your wedding day.

David and marriage

6. A DIY workshop

So that your loved ones can actively participate in the entertainment of your wedding, offer them a workshop where they can participate.

Depending on your wedding theme and your wishes at the moment, choose a workshop to make flower crowns, jewelry, bow ties, or an introduction to screen printing or ceramics.

7. A release of balloons or lanterns

If you are often looking for original wedding games to impress family and friends, the great D-Day classics are still safe values. This is particularly true in the case of releasing balloons or lanterns at the end of the day, which always evokes beautiful emotions.

This animation allows everyone to come together and share a beautiful moment of contemplation.

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An original wedding involves dozens of small details and a day marked by a succession of highlights and surprises of all kinds. To launch the evening as it should be, think, for example, of developing an original and irresistibly catchy opening of the wedding dance!

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