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Bridal bouquets in buttons
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▷ 🥇 Bridal bouquets in buttons

Traditionally, bridal bouquets are made from natural flowers. However, more and more brides are looking to give their bouquets a different touch. Button bouquets have become a very popular alternative for those looking for a unique and personalized wedding. They also offer many advantages:

– It is a unique bouquet, different from all the others. Some brides add items to the bouquet that have sentimental value to them, such as a brooch or pendant. You can also add something blue, to respect tradition.

– An everlasting memory. After the wedding, the button bouquet can be used to decorate the house (in a vase, on a shelf …). You can also offer it to a member of your family for their wedding.

– They are easy to take anywhere, which can be very useful if your wedding is held abroad. Fresh bouquets of flowers must be made and received on the wedding day and must be transported with great care.

– More and more themed weddings are being held and button bouquets allow you to add elements that go well with the theme. There is no limit to creation! They can also be of any color, since there are buttons in all shades and shapes.

But that is not all. The button bouquets are also environmentally friendly and recyclable. Once the wedding is over, you can take it apart and use the buttons.

A very important tip if you have decided to bring a bouquet of buttons: do not forget the tradition of throwing it to the guests!

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