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Centerpiece for a Valentines Day wedding
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▷ 🥇 Centerpiece for a Valentine’s Day wedding

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We all have canned glass jars in stock that we keep for future use. Well, that day has finally come because you are going to use them to make adorable centerpieces that are perfect for a Valentine’s Day inspired wedding.

You will need the following items:

  • Glass jars of different sizes.
  • Small paper tablecloths.

Start by cutting cardboard hearts to match the size of your blouse. Then put your hearts in the center of each lace.

Place the tablecloth in the center of the glass jar and apply a little glue to fix it. Then wrap the string around the top of the pot, over the lace, making two turns before tying a double knot at the back of the pot.

Do the same at the bottom of the pot and you will get an adorable decorative element!

You can use your pots as centerpieces and decorate them to your liking: with flowers, candles or white sand, for example. They will look very nice if you group them by combining pots of different sizes, or even separated at different ends of the table.

And of course, you can also surprise your partner by inviting them to a romantic candlelight dinner with your pretty special Valentine’s Day jars!

* Tutorial made by Fuxia Atelier.

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