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▷ 🥇 Chair decoration – Guide for brides

There are so many details to consider when planning a wedding that it is normal for some of them to escape you. For example, with you thinking of decorating your wedding chairs? Not? So sit down, take a pencil, and write the following ideas.

Sandy Déco – Classic and elegant. As a general rule, most restaurants and hotels wear chairs with white or black covers. A touch of color is usually added with a knot or belt to match the tablecloth.

– From a creator. The most exclusive hotels and catering companies are increasingly using designer chairs, such as those by Luois Gosht. In this case, there is no need to decorate the chairs because they are a piece of refinement in themselves.

Martine Créativité – Whether it’s for the ceremony or the wedding meal, if the chairs are made of wrought iron or wood and your line is pretty, all you have to do is decorate them with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

– In the United States, the latest trend is fantasy covers that only cover the backrest. Made of tulle, silk or lace, they are really beautiful.


– If you want to give them an original touch, use ribbons of different materials and colors. You can tie them like knots or weave them around the bars of the chair. This will add a chic touch to your wedding.

– For a romantic and sophisticated effect, choose flower garlands. Choose the flowers that match your bouquet and the rest of the decoration flowers. They are ideal for wedding ceremonies and cookouts.

Image 1: Sandy DecoImage 2: Martine Créativité Image 3: DuoDéco

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