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Cigars a wedding tradition that continues
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▷ 🥇 Cigars: a wedding tradition that continues

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After months of worrying, you have finally finished your wedding decorations and are now looking original and easy to set up wedding sets. In your research, focus on traditions that are midway between wedding entertainment and décor, such as the cigar bar. Isn’t a themed corner at your reception venue to offer the typical guest gifts for special occasions a good solution? This option, generally dedicated to men, will make many people happy. Here’s everything you need to know about the traditional cigar bar that is always a hit.

Why include a cigar bar in your wedding?

This typically masculine animation is very common in the age of honor wine. While glasses of champagne sip to the happy couple’s health, some guests enjoy gathering in small groups around a cigar bar. Good weather, outside, cocktail, all that is missing is your relaxation area, as tradition says.

This wedding entertainment idea will likely delight some women as well. Moreover, it is a way to keep your guests busy by introducing them to quality cigars and to please the future husband who will certainly be there.

How to set up your cigar bar?

This concept is easy to implement. You will have to reproduce an intimate smoking area as in the 19th century.

  • The decorating style? Sophisticated, of course! Noble materials such as wood or raw leather, beautiful fabrics such as suede or satin, dark colors and natural tones such as black, petrol blue, anthracite gray or brown. To ensure that the cigar corner is still in harmony with the overall decor of the wedding room, you have the option of adding accessories that will remind you of your wedding theme.
  • The choice of cigars? Offer your guests the two largest varieties of cigars, Parejos and Figurados. To vary the pleasures, it is best to choose different sources to satisfy fans or to encourage newbies to discover. The best cigars in the world come, of course, from Cuba (like Montechristo), but they generally cost more than 10 euros each. Unless you have a comfortable budget, there will not be enough for everyone. It is also the advantage of mixing the origins offering cigars from the Dominican Republic and Mexico, for example.

The golden case

Accessories? Divide them into two categories

On the one hand, think about the accessories that will give a retro and cozy touch to the general decoration of your wine of honor: a barrel to present your cigars, old-fashioned stools for the comfort of your guests and some elegant bow ties at your disposal to a proper look.

On the other hand, useful accessories for the cigar bar itself. Be careful not to forget the essential cigar cutters, ashtrays and matches, more traditional than lighters. Finally, the best way to store your cigars perfectly would be to invest in a cigar cellar. It is a kind of small log that is actually a wooden humidifier with a self-regulating hygrometer. If you don’t have them, the alternative is to simply store them in an airtight box.

This type of gift is likely to help make your wedding original, and it will be highly appreciated for both its aesthetics and its usefulness. Now that you know how to please your guests, don’t stop wowing them by giving them a stunning wedding speech at the cocktail party.

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