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▷ 🥇 Custom ink stamp, dozens of possibilities!

La Papeterie de Paris

An original wedding is the dream of many couples who want to organize an event in their image. To achieve this goal, it is important to think about the personalization of all the components of your big day, starting with the wedding invitations. When designing your wedding decor, keep your goal in mind: a reception that only looks like you.

In this sense, there is nothing like an ink stamp to personalize all your wedding elements in no time. A specialized company can make a stamp for you with your initials or names and a small illustration such as a floral wreath, arrows, fingerprints or small wedding figures.

Thanks to the ink in different colors, all you have to do is apply your mark to all the objects of your big day! Here are some ideas.

To announce them

Let’s start at the beginning, your original wedding invitations. And even before that, the “Save The Date”. This is a first way to use your stamps and personalize the boxes you send to your loved ones in the blink of an eye.

Your seal will thus be the common thread of your reception that your loved ones will find on D-Day through other means. If you don’t want to touch the invitation, remember to seal the flap of the envelope with your stamp.

S Fairy of the Hands

For the ceremony

You have undoubtedly thought of a romantic setting for your wedding ceremony, the most emotional moment of the big day. Beyond the wedding flower arrangements and other ribbons, don’t forget your ink stamps and use your logo to perfect the aesthetics of the day’s program that you will distribute at the entrance, ceremonial brochures containing songs and readings, or even petal cones. or confetti that your loved ones will throw on the way out.

Photographs by Pauline Lecomte

For the food

How would you like to complete the decoration of the wedding room with your stamps? Once lunchtime rolls around, your guests will be delighted to discover a custom seating plan using your stamp.

You can even provide everyone with a companion card with your name and table number stamped with your big day stamp. The menu can also include your logo as a heading. Custom bottles can also be sealed with homemade labels or cork coasters!

Le Mas d’Anjou

For gifts to guests

Have you planned an original wedding gift so that everyone leaves with a specific memory of your D-Day? Feel free to wrap it in a kraft bag or a linen or jute bag that you can personalize with your trusty ink stamp.

If you have opted for honey or homemade jam, there is nothing better than making small labels with your stamp to hang around the lids of these individual containers.

Happy to be

For the guest book

An original wedding guest book, that’s what you want to propose to your guests so they can’t resist the temptation to leave you a note! To attract them to your signature table, leave your stamp at their disposal so that they can accompany their text with this small drawing and even give free rein to their imagination by integrating the letters of the ink stamp in your message.

Spiritus Naturae

Customize your wedding suits as you did for your decoration. A wedding dress accompanied by an old family medallion, a wedding dress sublimated by a buttonhole reminiscent of the flowers in your half bouquet, there is nothing like this for your clothes to reflect who you are.

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