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Lightness, simplicity, naturalness, are some of the adjectives that describe the style of the bohemian bride.

If you are a great romantic or a fan of sweetness and poetry, the hippie chic style is certainly yours. It is aimed at brides looking for a natural and elegant look.

Simplicity does not mean a total lack of appearance, quite the opposite. A successful bohemian style depends above all on the choice of the right wedding dress and the accessories that accompany it.

Wedding dress. No more volume. If you imagine yourself in a puffy dress, this is not your style. The bohemian bride wears a dress that is often close to her body or slightly sheer, long and airy. Lace is also part of the look, with little touches for the retro side. When choosing your hippie chic dress, think simply and lightly. If you wish and if the season allows it, you can dare to undress or open your shoulders. This will give your look a relaxed and terribly feminine look.

The shoes. First of all, heels can be worn as flat shoes, it depends mostly on the terrain. In fact, if you are getting married in the country, think that thin heels can sink into the ground. Choose compensated shoes, and why not espadrilles for the memory of the straw and the handcrafted side. When it comes to color, pastel is your ally. A pale pink or pale pink tin, for example, brings out the softness and romanticism of your appearance.

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The jewerly. Finesse and discretion are the keywords of this accessory. If jewelry is allowed, it is recommended to choose fine jewelry and not make your figure heavier with an overabundance of bracelets and necklaces. Small earrings to give a highlight to your face or thin gold bracelets on one of the two wrists can be a good idea. But it is best to reserve the jewelry only for the hair and, of course, for the ring finger.

Hair. They are a crucial step in the success of a hippie chic bridal look. The easiest way is to let your hair down and dress it in a lace band or a beautiful flower crown. If you want to tie them up, avoid tight buns and plated hair, and leave a few strands free for a sleek, tousled look. Fresh flowers are the symbol of the bohemian bride, so feel free to hang them on your hairstyle.

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Makeup. Here you also have to think about light, subtlety and freshness. The very essence of the bohemian chic style is the natural and effortless look. Makeup should not take precedence over other clothes, but should highlight your natural beauty in the most subtle way possible. Avoid applying excessive eye makeup and keep a light hand over the eye shadows. As for lipstick, prefer shades that are closer to your complexion. If you’re in the mood for varnishing, pastel colors are again the most recommended. They do not attract the eye in an excessive way and therefore do not break with the general harmony of the whole.

The bouquet of flowers. First of all, the fresh flowers; leave artificial compositions in the closet. Go for simple, rural wildflowers, go for pastel shades once again, and avoid overly sophisticated bouquets. Your arm full of flowers should give the impression that you went to pick it up yourself on the morning of your wedding! One idea might be to keep the flowers tied with a thin straw cord, a nod to the hay bales, and style your wedding look.

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