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▷ 🥇 Fashion colors for brides in 2016

Although white continues to occupy the first place on the podium, the colors have been gradually inviting according to the seasons of the year for several years.

In 2016, the trend is towards pink in its different variants: pale pink, powder pink, flesh pink or even eggshell…. This shade is in perfect harmony with a romantic and natural look at the same time.

Aire Barcelona is one of the brands that bets on this clear and very feminine coloring, with princess cuts, even mermaids, with a bustier neckline, adorned with lace and stone belts or with a large flower: classic models in their shape and modern in its pink hue, brimming with romance.

1-2. Barcelona area

Another trend that is emerging is that of watercolor, not only in wedding dresses, but also in all the decorative elements of the wedding, from invitations to cakes. As for bridal wear, we will see bohemian-style floral prints or motifs reminiscent of delicate porcelain cutlery, as in the case of Eglantine Création.

1. 1. Carolina Herrera | 2. Isabel Zapardiez

At Point Mariage you will find bicolor dresses in atypical colors such as ivory combined with chocolate, turquoise, gray or almond green.

1-2 Wedding Point

And there will also be some for brides who wish to marry in tuxedos, especially at Hervé Mariages, who will also surprise you with their taffeta and organza dresses available in white and ivory, but also in navy blue, gray, old pink and purple.

Are you more of a total white, or would you prefer an ivory, cream or ecru color for your wedding dress? Would you dare to a model with a touch of color?

1. Justin Alexander 2. Rosa Clarà

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