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▷ 🥇 Honeymoon: 10 romantic activities for a stay in Japan

After deciding the location of your ceremony, sending your wedding invitations and choosing your wedding dress after several tests, do you think you have completed the main preparations for your original wedding? Don’t forget to plan your honeymoon between 4 and 6 months before D-day. It must be said that a trip to the other side of the world is planned in advance.

If you have fallen in love with Japan and want to enjoy a lot of romantic visits and discoveries, we have thought of you.

1. Ringing the love bell on the island of Enoshima

A small island 4 km in circumference located an hour’s drive from Tokyo, Enoshima is a haven of nature and tradition. Between surfing, strolling along the beach, visiting the Iwaya caves and observing Mount Fuji, lovers will not fail to touch the Ryuren no Kane, or the “Dragon’s Bell of Love”, at the top of the island, to consecrate their long term love.

Take the opportunity to remember your wishes, or put a few love quotes in the ear of your better half.

2. Take the romantic train from Sagano

With this moniker, the romantic train from Sagano, west of Kyoto, is a must-see for any honeymoon. The Sagano Torokko Tourist Line, with its retro-style locomotive and carriages, takes you away from the hustle and bustle of Japanese cities along the Hozugawa River.

Three trains are closed, but a fourth, open, offers a magical ride as close as possible to cherry blossoms in spring, and red foliage in fall.

3. Attend a synthesized wedding ceremony

After shedding a few tears during your wedding witness speeches, be seduced by a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony. It is not necessary to be a relative of the bride and groom to attend part of the ceremony at a sanctuary.

For the best chance of seeing the bride in her beautiful white kimono, point to the Meiji Jingu Shrine in Tokyo, or the Shimogamo Shrine in Kyoto.

4. Swimming in an onsen in Kinosaki

Kinosaki, in the Kansai (Honshu) region is one of the many spas in Japan, and a destination of choice for lovers of natural hot springs and authenticity.

To fully enjoy the experience, book a ryokan, a typical wooden inn with tatami on the floor and spend the night on futon, and go from one bath to another (onsen), yakuta (light kimono) and geta (flip-flops). wood).

5. Take a ride on a swan boat on Lake Yamanakakakako

In the region of the five lakes that surround Mount Fuji, head to Lake Yamanakakako (“lake in the middle of the mountains”), a haven of peace dedicated to observing fauna and flora.

Embark with love aboard a pedal in the shape of a swan to meet the swans (this time the royal ones) and the herons that inhabit the lake, under the gaze of Mount Fuji.

Take advantage of the serenity of the place to immerse yourself in your original wedding guestbook, and in the adorable words of your loved ones.

6. Go on an excursion to Okinawa

Halfway between Kyushu and Taiwan, Okinawa is considered the Hawaii of Japan. Subtropical climate, sandy beaches and translucent waters, opt for a Caribbean-style getaway by spending a few days in the archipelago.

On the agenda: diving, boat trips to see humpback whales, hikes along the Gesashi River and dinner with fresh fish at sunset.

7. Spend a night in a love hotel

Although it has arrived in France, the trend of love hotels, those establishments for couples where you can rent a room for a few hours, was born in Japan.

It is very popular with young people who are still living with their parents and looking for a moment of privacy. It would be a shame not to spend a naughty moment in a luxurious, typical or themed room (casino, car, mermaid…).

In Tokyo, the Dogenzaka district includes cozy little bars and restaurants and many hotels. Maybe you will find a room that suits your wedding theme, who knows?

8. Visit a Shinto shrine

It is impossible to count the Shintos shrines in Japan: from the simplest to the greatest, there are a few on every corner. Why not visit one of the country’s great shrines, like Ise Jingu in Kansai, dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu, hand in hand?

Cat lovers will head to Imado-Jinja Shrine, northeast of Tokyo, a place where Japanese couples will pray for their marriage to last and write their wishes on a wooden board called Ema.

9. Meet deer in Nara

More than 1,200 “sacred” deer roam free in Nara Public Park, Kansai. And unlike the specimens that inhabit our forests, they are far from shy, approaching visitors to play or claim food.

Plan a layover in Nara on your itinerary so you don’t miss out on this extraordinary show.

10. Take a photo in a purikura

After these romantic activities, you will surely return from your honeymoon in Japan with beautiful images in your head. Why don’t you go with a photo of yourself taken at a purikura? Cephotomaton is a typical Japanese way of photographing yourself standing in front of various scenarios.

Above all, you have the opportunity to personalize your portrait with messages, emojis, accessories, in order to get as many photos as possible in “kawaï”. A souvenir that slides between the original photos of your wedding.

Your honeymoon is over, and you wonder what to plan before the big day? Take a look at the planning in the “my wedding” section: between the wedding makeup tryouts and ordering the bridal bouquet from your florist, the list is still long.

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