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▷ 🥇 How to wear the bride’s bouquet?

The big day will come soon and you will be building your wedding step by step. One by one, the elements are added to form a perfectly harmonious whole. While choosing clothes certainly takes a large chunk of your time, consider spending a few hours selecting your bouquet.

Before choosing a flower arrangement or another, do not forget to keep in mind that you will have to use it for part of the day.

The formula

It all depends in the first place on the form. In general, avoid oversized bouquets that would only clutter you up. Choosing the right shape for your bouquet also means knowing how to take its morphology into account. If you are tall, you can afford cascading flowers and other large bouquets. If you are small, choose a smaller bouquet and eliminate the waterfall option. If it is round, favor lightness and avoid multi-colored bouquets.

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This is an element that is seldom taken into account, and yet it is important. Even if you won’t keep your flowers in your hands until dusk, you will still use them repeatedly during the ceremony. This is why you don’t want to have a floral ornament at arm’s length that makes you lean over! In order not to get tired and wear your bouquet in the most natural and elegant way, choose a composition that is as light as possible.

At your florist, ask to try it out and take a walk with your bouquet in hand for a moment to see if you feel comfortable. Also check with your service provider about bracelets. Light and practical, these floral jewels wrap your arm, freeing your hands and decorating your wrist.


On your wedding day, you dream of looking feminine and refined in all circumstances. In addition, you will have to learn to carry your bouquet in a natural and elegant way. We often see images of brides holding their bouquets at stomach level with their hands joined. If the image itself is very aesthetic, wearing it is not very comfortable.

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If you choose this option, practice so you don’t look tense during the day. Other brides make the decision to use their bouquet in one hand. This is a good idea so you don’t feel too embarrassed by this item. On the other hand, be careful not to let your bouquet hang at the end of your arm in a way that is too careless.

Hold your flowers somewhat firmly close to your body, ideally at chest level. Finally, remember that the bouquets must be kept at the height of the stem. To do this, place your hands as high as possible on the rods. As for the elongated bouquet, put it in one of your arms so as not to be disturbed too much.

The entrance

Whether you are getting married in church or in town hall, you will enter the arm of your father, another member of your family, or a close friend, with your bouquet in hand. This is one of the moments when the latter will be the most prominent. Also, you should think well in advance of the ceremony about the best way to hold your bouquet. To keep it from slipping out of your hands and to keep you comfortable, you have two options.

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You can decide to support the bouquet with both hands. In this case, the person accompanying you will hold you at the elbow. This option is especially recommended for large, cascading or heavy bouquets. You can still hold your flowers in one hand and have one arm completely clear to offer to your companion, as well as hold your dress if necessary.

This second option is generally more suitable for brides, but it is necessary to have selected a bouquet that is light enough and not too bulky to be able to hold it without leaking.

Have you ever thought about using a bouquet of flowers?

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