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Make way for humor the funniest moments of weddings
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▷ 🥇 Make way for humor: the funniest moments of weddings in pictures!

You are in the middle of organizing your original wedding. What matters to you is above all that your loved ones have fun. When you send your wedding invitations, you can already imagine them gathered around you having fun and laughing with good hearts. It is in this perspective that, when choosing creative invitations, you wanted to add a touch of humor to your text or illustrations.

If laughter is the foundation of everything for you, you’ll be happy to know that there will be plenty of opportunities to laugh at your wedding reception! These are some of the funniest moments on D-Day.


Wedding entertainment is never lacking on D-Day and is an opportunity to entertain yourself and your family and friends. We start as soon as we leave the church or the town hall with a joyous throw of colored accessories or a themed hedge of honor!

We continue with the presence of a comedian, a cartoonist or a clown to present the cocktail. The food and the evening will be punctuated by original wedding games ranging from puzzles to role-playing games and all kinds of challenges that will put you in fun situations that you will not soon forget!

Photo shoots

Posing is generally conducive to pranks and entertainment. Whether in the couple’s session, in the photos with your witnesses or in those of your family, your wedding photographer will encourage you to create humorous scenes that will be the occasion for a laugh.

If you have a photo booth or any other costumed photo space, expect great moments there too. The sight of your loved ones dressed more unlikely than others will only enchant you beyond offering original wedding photos.

The speeches

Although speeches from loved ones are often very moving, it can also be a good time to laugh and share stories. In fact, there are few weddings without at least one humorous speech.

Whether it is your witness, your sister or your best friends, one of your loved ones will necessarily think about preparing a funny text that recalls situations and other comic memories lived in your company. There is nothing like talking about past events, family or friendship anecdotes, to create complicity among guests and invite them to laugh together at these beautiful memories.

The choreographies

You may have planned an original wedding dance opening where you plan to surprise your loved ones with accessories and other unusual and catchy music. It may be your loved ones who have secretly prepared a flashmob that they will activate at one or more hours of the day.

In any case, choreographies are always a privileged moment to relive the atmosphere and share a great moment of laughter together. Whatever your wedding theme, feel free to add a choreography to your holiday schedule!

Be it at the exit of the town hall, at the time of the wedding games, at the time of the cocktails or the meals, at the time of the evening or even at the time of the wedding speeches, get ready to experience great moments of complicity and laughter in the company of your loved ones!

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