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▷ 🥇 Slow Couple: a little slow every day

Our precious moments

Since the preparations for D-Day began, it has been a race! Between setting up your wedding dress, choosing the reception venue and different service providers, writing your wedding invitations, the menu, the cocktail stands, the entertainment, the wedding decor, you run. everywhere and there is not a minute left for you!

Beyond the wedding preparations, it is true that our daily lives increasingly resemble a mad rush that seems impossible to interrupt because our schedules are full of appointments and activities.

However, knowing how to slow down and breathe is essential, a practice that is particularly essential for your partner’s good health. This is what we propose to discover today.

Take time to discuss

It is essential to have free time for your partner and especially for discussion. Take the time to communicate, this doesn’t just apply to the first few months of the relationship! It is good to be able to get out of the daily rhythm and sit and talk together, take stock, say what is happening and what is not, listen to yourself, rediscover each other every day, really take an interest in each other.

How long has it been since you had a real conversation with your partner, those discussions that last until late at night, and we are not talking about discussing the colors of your wedding hall decoration! Take time to talk about your relationship, your wishes, your dreams.

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Take the time to cook

It’s not always easy to find time to cook good meals, set a good table, and take the time to enjoy a meal without thinking about the next date. Food is a great way to relax, strengthen relationships, and stimulate complicity within a couple. Get to know the small producers in your region, browse the market stalls, select the best products together, choose the seasonal recipe you want and make it with all four hands.

Forget your watch, do not plan any activities after lunch, in the same way as for your wedding table decoration, choose a beautiful matching tableware, tablecloth and napkins, pick up some flowers and install a field bouquet among the dishes, in short, enjoy a moment rich in flavor and suspended in time.

Take the time to seduce yourself

Constantly running between professional and personal responsibilities, we sometimes lose sight of our relationship. However, it is important to be able to keep the flame alive day after day so as not to stray away from each other. Try to find time for a romantic meal or a walk in the country.

Know how to tell yourself and show it to him, for example by taking the time to visit a florist when you return from work to offer him a bouquet of roses for his half or by spending a few minutes or hours writing a beautiful love text for him. Whichever form you choose to adopt, never forget to give your partner time.

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Take your time to create

Creative activities are a great way to relax, slow down your daily life, and share a stimulating and relaxing hobby with your partner.

Whether it is drawing, painting, collage, scrapbooking, sculpture, crafts or sewing, making home décor, creative invitations or screen printing, all of these activities have in common helping you relax in both your body and your head, focusing in a beautiful creation that will make you forget your problems and allow you to share a special moment together.

Take the time to do nothing

Don’t manage your weekend the same way you organize your week. Although you want to take advantage of your free time to do some activities, do not fill the Saturday schedule as you would on a Monday. Give yourself time to do nothing, absolutely nothing!

Do not make a date with anyone, do not plan any activities and stay in bed or on the bottom of your sofa, simply enjoying the presence of the other without any purpose or objective.

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A moving and personalized wedding speech is not something that can be improvised. Here too, take the time to write multiple versions of your thank you speech to get a moving text, but also to enjoy a beautiful writing moment where you will happily recall your most beautiful memories.

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