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Take dance classes for your wedding
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▷ 🥇 Take dance classes for your wedding

Dance is the most sensual and artistic expression of human feelings. Therefore, it is very good to practice it as a couple. It reinforces the complicity between the two partners as well as being a good way to disconnect from reality, in pairs.

From the perspective of your marriage, why not take dance classes? This can be very useful for you, especially in the opening of the ball, or for the entire ball.

  • You can choose to take traditional ballroom dance classes: waltz, rock, paso doble. This type of dance will be perfect for your wedding playlists, and you can reuse it at all the parties you attend.
  • That said, if you want to be original, why not take salsa or Argentine tango classes to set fire to the dance floor on your wedding day? This type of dance is becoming more and more popular, and it must be said that they are incredibly sensual. Perfect for a prom opening that will show your guests how complementary and perfect you are to each other.
  • And for the more daring, why not take private modern jazz lessons and create your own choreography or wedding mix? More and more couples are asking their friends to help them prepare a surprise for the guests and present a real choreography for the dance. Get professional help to help you figure out the details!

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